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1kW Wind Turbine PMG with 24V Battery Charger

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Three phase PMG 1kw wind turbine with battery controller, remote monitoring software, cables, anemometer and direct connection to 24V or 48V batteries including lithium-ion and lead-acid.

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1kW Wind Turbine

1kW Permanent Magnet Wind Generator with 24V Charger

The new AirForce 1 model incorporates the FuturEnergy in-house designed and manufactured permanent magnet generator for efficient and durable production. The wind turbines have a 3phase (AC) output for rectification to DC.

Weighing in at only 19 kilos our turbines are tower-top ready and will fit on to a standard 50mm steel tube pole. We do not recommend ‘building-mounted’ installations other than on steel-framed buildings.
Your turbine system will be supplied in 3 shipping cartons, weighing a total of 26kgs, and you will be required to attach the tailfin and blades to the main turbine housing.

All AirForce 1 Wind Turbines are now supplied with AirForce  Control, a brand-new product designed and manufactured by FuturEnergy. AirForce Control provides unparalleled performance monitoring and automatic system protection for your 3-Phase AC 1kW turbine installation. Included with the AirForce  Control is a Davis Anemometer, which provides the system with both wind speed and wind direction data.

The AirForce 1 Control unit is installed within a covered area close to and in series with the manual stop-switch and directly to the batteries or other loads. When charge parameters are met, or other controlled parameters exceeded, the turbine is automatically stopped and restarted when conditions return within operational limits or further battery charging is required.

AirForce1 Control offers access to a Web-based portal providing remote control & configuration, along with trending of historical performance data for your turbine.

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Hybrid wind and solar system with energy storage

Typical installation diagram of hybrid wind and solar system with energy storage

"A 1kW horizontal axis turbine might not sound like much, but if you consider that wind often blows at a constant speed for long periods of time, it becomes possible for the turbine to generate 8 to 10kWh per day. Pair this with a 2 or 3kW solar panel, and you've got enough energy to power the average home, with no reliance on the standard grid. You can even store excess energy with the 24V battery charger, adding to the efficiency."

Technical Specifications

• Nominal power output: 24V & 48V: 1000W
• Start-up wind speed: 3.5m/s
• Rated wind speed: 12.5m/s
• Survival wind speed: 52m/s
• Total tower-top weight: 19kg
• Number of blades: 3
• Rotor diameter: 1.8m
• Rotor speed (RPM): 200 to 800
• Number of blades: 3
• Generator type: 3-Phase AC
• Turbine mounting: 50mm tube to accept 48.5mm standard scaffold tube


Key Supply and Design Features

• High-quality Permanent Magnet Generator
• 12 months’ warranty (extended warranty available upon registration)
• AirForceTM Control Monitoring and Automatic Stop System
• Remote-mounted manual stop-switch supplied as standard
• Suitable for wind/solar hybrid installations
• Full installation kits available
• Tough glas=reinforced nylon turbine blades
• All bearings sealed for life
• 20 years installed design life
• 60 Amp rated slip-ring to prevent cable twist
• Rugged, simple and robust design
• Corrosion resistant materials employed throughout
• Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) compliant

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