Complete Kit Battery Charger MPPT 12V with 310W Solar Panel

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Complete Kit Battery Charger MPPT 12V with 310W Solar Panel

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310W Complete kit Solar Panel & 25A MPPT 12V Conversol Controller for Car Caravan & RV and Motor Homes.

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Super Mini 12V Battery Charger Kit with Solar Panel

The comfort of your home on the road !!!

Volta-Charge Includes :
  • 1 pc of 310W high efficiency solar panel
  • 1 sets Z style mounting kit or ABS plastic mounting (select option from drop down menu)
  • 1 MPPT 25A controller
  • 1 pair 5m (16.4') solar cables with a connector in each.( black & red cable )
  • 1 pair Y Style solar connector

SCC-MPPT 300W Solar Charge Controller

Main Features

  • Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking technology
  • Built-in DSP controller with high performance
  • Automatic battery voltage detection
  • Three-stage charging optimizes battery performance
  • Auto load-detection
  • Multifunction LCD displays detailed information
  • Reverse polarity protection of solar panel and battery
  • Overcharge and overload protection
  • IP 43 protection for outdoor and harsh environment
  • Suitable for battery types of sealed lead acid, vented Gel, and NiCd

Electrical Characteristics 310W Photovoltaic Module

Reliable Quality and Outstanding performance: 

EGing mono crystalline modules are based on EGing cells which on average reach 18.9% and above efficiency. The vertically integrated business model allows us to conduct strict quality control and inspection processes from incoming silicon material to finished modules products.  An advanced solar cell surface texture technology allows excellent performance in low light environments

Technical Specifications

Maximum Power (W)  EG-290 M60-C EG-295 M60-C EG-300 M60-C EG-310 M60-C
Power Tolerance (%) 0~+3 0~+3 0~+3 0~+3
Maximum Power Voltage (V) 31.77 32.00 32.23 32.67
Maximum Power Current (A) 9.13 9.22 9.31 9.49
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 39.24 39.43 39.65 40.08
Short Circuit Current (A) 9.11 9.16 9.22 9.28
Module Effciency (%) 17.75 18.06 18.37 18.97
Maximum System Voltage (V) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Maximum Reverse Current (A) 20 20 20 20
Temperature                    Pmax %/°C -(0.37±0.05)
 Coefficient                           ISC %/°C 0.05±0.015
                                             VOC  %/°C -(0.28±0.1)
 Standard Test Condition: Irradiance 1000W/m², module temperature 25°C, AM1.5

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