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PV Combiner Box. 4Way in 1Way Out. With Surge Protection. 500VDC

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4 String PV Combiner box. With over-voltage surge protection device Class II. DC Fuses and DC Isolator
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Protection & Monitoring

4 String Combiner Box with fuses and DC isolator

Most of the solar panel strings have to connected in parallel with several PV modules. PV combiner boxes is the safest solution to connect the solar cables of the PV array to your battery charge controller or the inverter. The combiner boxes contain cylindrical string fuses to protect the PV string from high current. The fuses are compulsory all solar arrays with parallel strings. The current Amp rating is easy to calculate, (N-1) x Isc , this will give you the maximum rating of your string fuse. N is the number of parallel strings.  Isc is the short circuit current of the solar panel. It is imprerative to use fuses in both positive and negative terminals. 

This solar panel string combiner connects in parallel up to 4 strings.

Number of Solar PV Strings In : 4

Number of Solar PV String Out: 1

The PV Combiner Box is fully wired and contains:

  • DC fuse 20A
  • DC surge protection Device
  • DC circuit breaker or DC load isolation switch.
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure (anti-dust
The combiner is made to stand temperatures from -20 deg up to 45deg. There are cable glands for cables up to 6mm diameters.

Flexible configuration for any solar panel technology

Used for single crystal silicon solar modules,polycrystalline silicon solar modules,thin film solar modules.

current rating of the photovoltaic fuse,circuit breaker,load isolation switch is modified.


  Reference     Strings     V     Isc     Overv. protection     Prot. Degree     Material (housing/cover)      Input conn.  
 ST041025P 4   1000     25A   PST31PV IP55 GRP/PC Glands


Typical Wiring Diagram - Photovoltaic String Combiner 


Wiring Diagram of PV Combiner 4way with surge protection

Components arrangement in the IP65 Stirng Combiner

The installation instructions are available in the link below:

  User's Guide for Photovoltaic Combiner Box.

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