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Renesola 410watt Solar Panel 108 Half Cut Cells Monocrystalline RS41-410M-E3

100% of 100

P-Type /Positive power tolerance of 0~+3%/Max module efficiency 21.00%. Tier 1 manufacturer. This panel is MCS Certified (micro generation certificate)

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Renesola - Saturn 410Watt Silver 30mm Frame-  Monocrystalline Solar Panel 

The photovoltaic panel is certified by MCS, which means it meets the highest standards in the market. MCS is not a legal requirement for the installation of solar panels (especially in the UK), it is only a quality assurance certificate

  • Suitable for ground power plants and distributed projects
  • Advanced module technology delivers superior module efficiency
    - Gallium-doped Wafer
    - Non destructive cutting
    - MBB half-cut
  • Excellent power generation performance
    - Excellent IAM and Weak light response
    - Low temperature ratings

    - 0.55% linear Power decline
  • High module quality ensures long-term reliability
    - Strict selected material
    - Advanced technology
    - Leading standard

The panels are assembled in a compact frame with 108 half-cut cells. The new geometry of cells reduces the impact of partial shadowing permitting the other half of the panel to function without limitations. With 50% of the cells covered by shadow, this panel will still output over 200W under full sun. 

Complete System and IEC Product Certification

IEC 61215(2016),IEC 61730(2016) ISO9001:
2015:Quality Management System ISO14001:
2015:Environment Management System
ISO45001:2018:Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Electrical Characteristics 410W  Photovoltaic Module

Maximum Power (W)  410W      
Power Tolerance (%)  0 -5Watt      
Maximum Power Voltage (V) 31.30V      
Maximum Power Current (A) 12.78A      
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 37.50V      
Short Circuit Current (A) 13.63A      
Module Effciency (%) 20.48%      
Maximum System Voltage (V) 1500      
Maximum Reverse Current (A) 25      
Temperature                    Pmax %/°C -0.35
Coefficient                           ISC %/°C +0.04
                                             VOC  %/°C -0.27
 Standard Test Condition: Irradiance 1000W/m², module temperature 25°C, AM1.5


Mechanical Characteristics

Number of Cells  pcs 108
Size of Cell mm 182x182 (+/-1mm)
Size of Module mm 1722x1134x30
Weight kg 22

 IP Rating: IP68

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Temperature Range (°C)  -40oC ~ +85oC



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