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AC Combiner-Box for Solar Inverter 230VAC - Surge Protection - Energy Meter

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The metallic enclosures are pre-assembled and installed with 30mA 63A RCD and an MCB. Cable glands included. Range for 1kW, 1.5kW 3kW, 5kW off-grid solar inverters.
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AC & DC Protection

Voltacon AC Combiner Box Solar Inverter 5kW - Energy Meter - SPD

Voltacon AC Combiner box - Pre Wired with Surge Protection and Energy Meter

Every off grid and grid-tie solar inverter that feeds energy to a commercial or residential building should be protected with DC residual circuit (RCD) and a circuit breaker (MCB).

The Eastron meter measures the power, current, voltage, active and reactive power, frequency and many other parameters including the total harmonic distortion (THD). The pulsed output can be used for controlling other devices, monitoring data or control the power flow of hybrid inverters

The consumer unit is pre-wired and tested, it works with hybrid and off grid inverter, it is essential equipment that should be connected to any solar inverter at 5kW  

Configuration BBWX-1
Enclosure BX-08, IP65, 20*19*12cm: 1pc
AC SPD BUA-40/2P AC275V: 1pc
AC MCB NXB-63/2P C20A CE: 1pc
AC RCCB NL1-63/1P+N C25A 30mA CE: 1pc
Cable Gland PG13.5, sealing range 6.7-12mm: 1pc
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