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AC Surge Protection Device Type 2 Single Phase 230V Solar Inverter

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The inverters and solar panels must be protected against surge voltages. The DC-Guard-300 is rated to 40kA and 300V, ideal for low voltage solar off-grid inverters.

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Protection & Monitoring

AC Surge Protection Device Type 2 Single Phase 230V Solar Inverter

The connection of the PV to low voltages should be protected. Surge protectors are designed to protect against the overvoltages caused by lighting or from external AC sources. A diesel generator or the national grid may also cause voltage disturbances that will damage the electronics of the inverter. 

Technology: High energy varistor with thermal fuse.

The surge is also essential for domestic consumer units and should be installed before the main RCD breaker. According to the 18th Edition of Wiring Regulation, a surge protection device should be fitted where the overvoltage may cause a failure.

Technical Parameters

Poles  3 pole, Live Neutral and Earth
AC System          TT-TN 1ph + Neutral 
Nominal line voltage                       230Vac
Max AC operating voltage L-N                     255Vac
Temporary Over Voltage 5 sec                     355Vac
Residual Current                      <1mA
Nominal Discharge current In                       20kA
Max discharge current Imax                       40kA
Protection Level L/N                    1,25kV
Protection Level N/PE                       1.5kV


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