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Steel mounting rack for 200Ah and 300Ah GEL Batteries

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The rack is made steel and coated with black paint. It is ideal to accommodate two rows of 4 batteries of GEL technology. Compatible batteries 6V/200Ah, 6V/300Ah, 48V systems
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AGM Lead Acid

Steel mounting rack for GEL batteries

This simple structure has dimensions to keep the minimum creepage and clearance between GEL batteries and the right distance across two rows of 4 blocs. The overall footprint of the rack is 860x 355mm (0.305m2 ). The clever layout reduces the total length of link cables involved in the setup of a 48V or 24V energy system. As a result, the resistive losses are reduced 



860 length. 355mm width. 700mm height.


What is in the box?

  • 6 interlink cables 250mm long, 50mm2
  • 1 step row link cable 600mm long, 50mm2   
  • 2m positive and 2m negative 50mm2 battery cable to the inverter/charger
  • Mounting rack with two shelves. 

Compatible GEL Batteries for Solar Applications

Drawing - 3D Model

Datasheet of the 200Ah mounting system

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