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Pylontech US2000 | 2.4kWh Lithium Battery Rack | BMS Compatible

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An expandable solution with lithium batteries that is rack mounted and BMS ready for off grid and hybrid inverters. Each battery module is 2.4kWh 48V.

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Lithium Ion

PylonTech 2.4Kwh Lithium-ion energy storage system

Modular Design Easy to Expand 


US2000 is the latest HESS battery system provided by Pylontech with our abundant experience of delivering our product into more than 5000 homes. It’ s long life character, highest energy and power density in the industry, fashionable design, easiness of installation and expansion, all reflects the real requirements of end users and strongest technical capability of Pylontech.

The system is modular stackable

The warranty of the product is 10 years and must be registered with the manufacturer's online portal 

Manufacturer's part number: U2000B1PH02S19R1

Product Features

  • Nominal Capacity: 2.4 kWh
  • Usable Capacity: 1.92 kWh
  • Capacity: 50 Ah
  • Nominal Voltage: 48V
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Low voltage in 48V, 50Ah DoD: 90% 
  • Dimension: 440mm (W)x89mm (H)x410mm (D)
  • Vertical industry integration ensures more than 6000 cycles with 80% DoD
  • Modular design gives the end customers the power of choice of capacity
  • Compatible with SolaX Hybrid inverters
  • Simple buckle fixing minimize the installation time and cost
  • Compact and fashionable design
  • Safety Cert.TÜVCEUN38.3TLC

Easy installation with brackets or cabinets Compatible with most of hybrid inverters Communication protocols: CAN, Rs485, Rs 232 Safety Certificate: CE, TUV, RoHs, UN38.3 TLC

NOTICE: Up to 8 (eight) Pylon batteries operate in one system without using the LV-HUB.

List of compatible inverters with Pylontech US2000

There are different brands of inverters in the market that are compatible with the BMS system of Pylontech. Voltacon's off grid and hybrid inverters with energy storage support RS485 BMS communication:



1. Conversol 3G-3024-B-P EAN: 0610877900794

2. Conversol 3G-3024-B      EAN: 0610877900800

3. Conversol 3G-5048-BP-145  EAN:0610877900817

4. Conversol VM III 5048  EAN: 0610877900824


Hybrid Grid Tie Inverters with energy storage & off-grid operation

1. Voltasol Hybrid HSI3000 Plus

2. Voltasol Hybrid HSI5500 Plus, 5.5kW, single phase

3. Voltasol Hybrid HSI5000 Plus, 5kW, single phase with parallel function

4. Voltasol Hybrid HSi10000 Plus, 10kW 3-phase

To find out more, please click HERE


Download section

  Pylontech Hub Spec and Configuration

  Recommended Charge and Discharge Current for Lithium Batteries

Technical Specifications 2.4kWh - US2000 Plus


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity (Wh)


Usable Capacity (Wh)


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (KG)


Discharge Voltage (V)


Charge Voltage (V)



Charge / Discharge Current (A)

25 (Recommended)


100([email protected])

Communication Port


Working Temperature℃

0 ~ 50

Storage Temperature ℃

-20 ~ 60

Authentification Level

TUV / CE / UN38.3

Design Life

10+ Years (25℃ / 77℃)

Cycle Life


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