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Silent Power Cabinet for GEL & AGM Lead Acid Batteries

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Metallic enclosure for safe installation of AGM and GEL batteries. It fits all deep cycle solar batteries 105Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah, 300Ah.
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AGM Lead Acid

Silent Power Metallic Cabinet for GEL Batteries

The Silent Power (SP) will help you to save space when you install solar batteries and protect yourself from any incidents. The batteries are placed on two shelves , each rack is strong enough to accommodate 4 battery blocs. This installation method saves a lot of space, the cabinet will nicely fit in your garage or the utility room of your house. 

We have also added a protection cover to avoid any contact the batteries and live cables (all the parts are insulated and no live parts are exposed). 


Height: 90cm. Width: 76cm. Depth 34cm


Compatible batteries

The cabinet is designed for the Hoppecke AGM batteries, 105Ah, 200Ah and 250Ah (6V cells). 

It is also suitable for the Voltacon GEL Batteries, 6V, 200Ah and 6V 300Ah


Energy storage capacity

The minimum amount of storage at 24V is 4-5kWh

The maximum mount of storage at 48V is 14kWh (with 300Ah cells)

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