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June 16, 2017
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3kW Off Grid Photovoltaic System Installed in Portugal

Solar Panel 250Watt in Off-Grid Photovoltaic

Solar Panel 250Watt in Off-Grid Photovoltaic

Off-Grid Photovoltaic Harvests Sun Power in Portugal

In this article, our customer offers us a testimonial for his off-grid Photovoltaic System that is installed in Portugal

Testimonial from Jamie  in Portugal.

Here i have installed an off grid solar system. The system was supplied by Voltacon, and shipped to me in Portugal. This system is now providing power to a modest size house. Capable of powering a  fridge- freezer 24/7. Washing machine, food processor, bread maker, toastier maker, vacuum cleaner etc. Also most power tools from your workshop. (Drills, sanders, saws).

This system took me 3 days to install. One of the many things i like about the Voltacon Conversol unit, is how simple it is to install. Being a combined unit, it reduces the wiring required, compaired to systems where the inverter and charge controllers are separate.

Setting up the unit is also very straight forward. It gives you all the information you need, to adjust the parameters to make sure the system is running as it should, without being over complicated.

I have now installed several of the Voltacon Conversol off-grid inverter units, (2kva, 3kva and 5kva). I cant recommend them enough. Outstanding value for money, they perform as good as any of the more expensive manufacturers that I’ve installed. I would also recommend Voltacon for there other product range. Voltacon will supply you with a top quality solar system for the best value for money.

Jamie 12th of July 2017

Off-Grid Photovoltaic Systems from Voltacon

The pre-made  systems are designed by our Engineers according to the requirements of the consumers. We will supply all the components for a safe and reliable electrification of houses and communities that live completely off-grid.

Our systems include: Solar Off-Grid Inverters with MPPT Chargers, Solar Panels, GEL Batteries and OPzS Flooded Batteries. We also include in the package mains and control cables and PV cables for outdoor use.  There are also DC an AC breakers that allow the Users to disconnect the power from the solar system for regular maintenance and repairs. Safety comes first…

Conversol 3kW 24V MPPT off grid Inverter Charger

Picture 1. Conversol 3kW 24V MPPT off grid Inverter Charger


Hoppecke OPzS 720Ah Lead Acid

Picture 2: Hoppecke OPzS 720Ah Lead Acid


Picture 3: 100A Battery Fuses DC Isolator


Aluminium Mounting System for Solar Panels

Picture 4. Aluminium Mounting System for Solar Panels


The systems are available directly from our on-line shop, please visit , if you want us to design your photovoltaic off-grid system you can send an email at:

Stefanos Kandilidis
Stefanos Kandilidis
Electrical & Electronic Engineer at Voltacon Power Conversion. He used to work at the renewables R&D department General Electric for 8 years.

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