Generate your own electricity for your home

UK Grid Certification has changed to EREC G98 and G99.
December 27, 2019
GEL Lead Acid Hoppecke battery
March 6, 2020

Generate your own electricity for your home

Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems with Batteries

How much energy can I produce ?

Hybrid 5KW inverter charger with Li-ion battery and an array of 8 solar panels installed on terrace house in the UK. You can find the Inverter & Energy Storage solution used for this set-up on the following link: Solis Hybrid Inverter 5kW & Lithium Pylontech Energy Storage US2000

Electrical & Electronic Engineer at Voltacon Power Conversion. An inventor and product developer in renewable energy with over 15 years experience. Previous experience in the R&D centres of Almost Power and General Electric.

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