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Victron MultiPlus-II GX 48/5000/70-50 230V Solar Inverter AC Charger - PMP482506000

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5kW Victron GX is the most advanced inverter/charger with complete interface ports for USB, VE.Can, Ethernet and BMS. Wi-Fi enables easy access from the phone. 5-Year Warranty. Always in Stock -Delivery in 1-2 days

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Victron Inverters

MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 230V GX

Manufacturer's part number: PMP482506000

An Inverter/Charger with device networking built-in, the MultiPlus-II GX communicates with a solar charger, batteries, and other devices to control a grid-connected, off-grid, or remote power installation.

Capable of parallel operation for increased power output, or battery charge rates, the MultiPlus-II GX can also be configured for a three-phase supply.

A host of advanced features - such as uninterrupted power supply, setting load limits, and supplementing limited grid-power availability with battery power - can all be controlled straight from your phone or smart device. Remote monitoring is also possible.

A MultiPlus-II with LCD and GX functionality
The MultiPlus-II GX integrates a MultiPlus-II inverter/charger and a GX device with a 2 x 16 character display.

Display and Wi-Fi
The display reads battery, inverter and solar charge controller parameters.
The same parameters can be accessed with a smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

The integrated GX device includes:
• A BMS-Can interface. This can be used to connect to a compatible CAN-bus managed battery. Note that this not a
VE.Can compatible port.
• A USB port.
• A Ethernet port.
• A VE.Direct port.

The MultiPlus-II GX is intended for applications where additional interfacing with other products and/or remotemonitoring is required, such as on-grid or off-grid energy storage systems and certain mobile applications.

Parallel and three phase operation
Only one GX unit is needed in case of Parallel and three phase operation

  • Gross weight: 31.3
  • Carton size: 25,5x65,5x41,5 cm
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