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Victron CNN 325A 80V Shunt Lynx Fuse

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High voltage protection up to 80Vdc, 325A , for lynx shunt distributor up to 1000A, 48kW

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Surge Protection & Fuses

Fuse CNN 325A/80V for Lynx shunt (1 pc)

CNN_E fuses are rated for applications up to 80 VDC. CNN products can handle increased voltage in the system. The CNN_E is considered very fast-acting for quicker reaction time.

Features & Benefits

  • 80 VDC Protection
  • Window shows fuse status
  • 2,500 A interrupting rating
  • Compact size saves space
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free


Solar off-grid, lithium batteries,  Lift trucks, scissor lifts, pallet movers, and other low voltage battery-operated equipment are used to move hazardous materials.


Current rating Lynx modules

The Lynx Distributor, Lynx Shunt VE.Can and the Lynx Power In are rated for a nominal current of 1000A, for 12, 24, or 48 System voltages.

To give an idea of how much power the Lynx modules are rated at different voltages, see the below table. The power rating will give you an indication of how big the connected inverter/charger system can be. Keep in mind that if inverters or inverters/chargers are used, both the AC and DC system will be powered by the batteries. Also, be aware that a Lynx Smart BMS or a Lynx Ion (now discontinued) can have a lower current rating.

12V Battery connected to Lyxn: 12kW

24V Battery connected to Lynx : 24kW

48V Battery connected to Lynx: 48kW

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