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Waterproof Manual Reset DC Circuit Breaker Inline Fuse Invert 30-300 Amp 12V-24V

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DC12-24V Solar System Waterproof Circuit Breaker Reset Inline Fuse Inverter

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AC & DC Protection

Battery In-line Circuit Breaker 12V,24V, Water Proof



1. High-current circuit breaker, using bimetal structures, when the circuit is overloaded, quickly power protection.

2. Widely used in special vehicles, off-road vehicles winch, yachts and ships electrical control.

3. Surface mount and protective stud insulators included.

4. Rated Current: 30/40/50/60/80/100/125/150/200/250/300 AMP

5. Housing is thermal plastic UL rated 94V0

6. Splash and dust proof at IP67 grade.

7. Operating temp: -32°C to 82°C (-25°F to 180°F)

8. Storage temp: -34°C to 149°C (-30°F to 300°F)

9. Stud size: M6 and 1/4"-28 threads per inch.

10. Housing: Thermoset Plastic, UL rated 94VO

11. Compliance SAE J1625; SAE J1171, UL1500 Ignition Protect.


  • Mount on Panel or Firewall
  • *Unique Push Button
  • Stops Power Surges f
  • Open circuit protection: When the current reaches the disconnection value, the long handle automatically open and interrupts the power flow.
  • short circuit condition is tripped. After the fault is removed, the long handle can be pressed back to the original position to form a path.
  • Manual power off. For installation or maintenance please disconnect the circuit. You must press directly the elliptical red button on the ifuse, then the long handle automatically opens. Turn on the same as above, then press the long handle back to the original position.

*It is widely used in automotive electronics and other industries, is an indispensable safety accessory for car audio products, off-grid solar, motorboats, motor homes and RVs




*Material: ABS+Metal

*Product Category: Automotive Fuses | Blade Fuse



1. Wiring IN (BAT) incoming line, OUT (AUX) outgoing line.

2. Press the ellipse button, the long handle will open and the breaker will be powered off. (Be sure to press the ellipse button. If you use the long handle to power off the handle, the breaker will be broken and there is no warranty).

3. After resetting the popped long handle, the circuit breaker is energized.


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