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Easy Plan 3M Mounting with Rails and Clamping.

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A tailor-made solution specially designed to install photovoltaic modules and cable trays on the sandwich panel and metal roof. No drill, no long rails required. A 3M Primer is essential for a stronger bonding with the metal surface.

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EASY PLAN 3M Solar Panel Mounting Rails

While solar panel systems have become both more affordable and the technology simpler to use, installation is still daunting for many homeowners. With the Easy Plan Solar Panel Mounting Kit, installing your system becomes straight-forward and trouble-free.

There’s no drilling required; the kit installs with aluminum rails that are applied directly to your flat or slanted roof with strong adhesive. This protects your roof from potential weather damage and provides enhanced peace of mind for the home or business owner.

Don’t let complex installation keep you from embracing the green power of solar panels. Use our Easy Plan Solar Panel Mounting Kit to get the best out of our easy to use technology today.  

  • Fixation made by bonding, with up to 25 years of warranty;
  • 3M quality label;
  • Zero holes and screws in the roof;
  • Light and resistant;
  • Easy transportation;
  • Up to 15% cheaper than the traditional solutions;
  • Saving 30% of the time spent on installation;
  • All pieces are delivered ready to install;
  • It does not need tools;
  • Pieces with 195mm.
  • Maximum distance 1meter
  • Weight 0.55kg/m2

Easy Plan 3M is an exclusive fixing technology by bonding! Installation is fast and easy, with no need to make holes in the roof, protecting the installation against leaks and infiltrations. It is lighter and stronger than any alternative with screws. A tailor-made solution specially designed to install photovoltaic modules on sandwich panels, metal roofs, gelcoat and TPO/PVC membranes. 


 Solar panels on an industrial roof in UK.

Technical Specifications


Aluminium EN AW-6060

Inclination angle

Coplanar to the roof

Maximum distance



195 mm


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