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Easy Plan Tile Roof Hooks

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The base price is for 1 Module of Portrait Orientation. Please select the right orientation and the number of modules suitable for you.

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Easy Plan Roof Hooks

People are becoming increasingly invested in the green technology of solar power, especially as equipment prices fall and technology becomes easier to operate. Installation remains the big hurdle for many people, however. They are concerned that they’ll damage their roof during installation, or that installation will be too complicated and frustrating.  

Our Easy Roof Mounting Kit offers a simple installation solution for all kinds of roofs, even tile roofs. This kit utilises a universal clamping device which allows it to be easily attached to file, sandwich panels, wooden beams, concrete, and steel. No drilling or cutting is required, and the installation is secure and reliable. Use our Easy Roof Mounting Kit to get your solar panels installed without a fight.  

Components (All the components included are per solar module)

  • Easy Roof Aluminum Rail
  • Middle/End Clamp Aluminum
  • Adjustable Hook
  • Nut with Plastic Clip M8
  • Aleen Bolt Din 912

Easy Plan Rails

Aluminium module profile rails are required for the fastening of the system to the roof.  The structure is delivered with the rails mid-clamps and end-clamps. All the parts are in natural anodized aluminium colour. 


The Easy Plan Hook+ system provides quick and simple installation. 

Technical Specifications


Aluminium EN AW-6060

Inclination angle

Coplanar to the roof

Maximum distance



195 mm


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