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ET Solar Panel 400Watt PERC 108 Half Cut Cells Monocrystalline Grid-Tied, Hybrid, Off-Grid

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ET-Solar is deploying n-type TOPCon technology that delivers 22% efficiency on the module level. Long-term performance is assured with 25 year warranty. The right partner for off-grid, hybrid, grid tied and systems with energy storage.

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ET-SOLAR Elite. 400W Monocrystalline Sola Panel. Half-Cut 108 Cells.

ET-Solar PV’s 400W solar module’s ingenious design creates a more durable, higher efficiency, and overall greater power production in comparison to many other solar modules/panels. The product has excellent performance properties in terms of the occlusion loss/temperature coefficient.

Half-cutting technology effectively reduces the hot spot risk of high-power components, resulting in better power generation, performance and reliability in system applications. The 182MM cell panels are half-cut, which means that they can absorb more sunlight and transfer more energy to the module in comparison to standard-cut modules. The 400W solar module boasts a module efficiency of 20.20% – which is greater than most regular solar panel modules.

What are the benefits of Half-Cell Panels from ET-Solar

High Voltage

UL and IEC 1500V certified; lowers BOS costs and yields better LCOE.

High Efficiency

Higher module conversion efficiency benefit from half cell structure (low resistance characteristic).

PID Resistance

Excellent Anti-PID performance guarantee limited power degradation for mass production.

Low Light Performance

Advanced glass and cell surface textured design ensure excellent performance in low-light environment

Severe Weather Resilience

Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal).


25-years Linear Performance Warranty

10-years Product Material & Workmanship

1st year ≤ 2%, 2nd~25th years ≤ 0.55% / year


Advantage of PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell ) - Half Cut Cells

The traditinal full cells have copper ribbons interconnecting the cells , half cell concept is proven to have more efficient way with lower resistance loss.

They also generate half the current of standard cells, reducing the resistive losses between the interconnections of solar cells. Less resistance means increased power output. The Solar-World Online confirmed up to 10W more power per module depending on the design.

With a higher power output on module that costs relatively similar, it shortens the return on investment (ROI). 

Higher shade tolerance

Half-cut solar panels are more resistant to the shadow effect of cells. Instead of having 3-panel cell-strings in traditional solar panels, 6 strings are used to connect the cells in a half-cut solar panel. When there is a partial shadown on a panel, caused by leaves, branches or cloud, the shaded area will only affect a sixth of the total panel power output, instead of one-third of the output.

From 400W panels you loose only 66Watt.

With the traditional panel the power loss from shading will be 133Watt

Better durability

Half cut cells last longer, Firstly, smaller cells reduce the stress on cell copper connections expansion and contraction during a thermal cycle from hot to cold. There is a decreased opportunity for cracking. Also, half-cut panels reduce the hot spot temperature, thus lower the risk of damaging the panel.

Electrical Characteristics 400W  Half Cell Photovoltaic Module

Maximum Power (W)  M754BH400WW      
Power Tolerance (%)  0 -5Watt      
Maximum Power Voltage (V) 37.23      
Maximum Power Current (A) 13.79      
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 31.01      
Short Circuit Current (A) 12.90      
Module Effciency (%) 20.5%      
Maximum System Voltage (V) 1500      
Maximum Reverse Current (A) 25      
Temperature                    Pmax %/°C -(0.34%/OC)
 Coefficient                           ISC %/°C 0.054%/OC
                                             VOC  %/°C -(0.263%/OC)
 Standard Test Condition: Irradiance 1000W/m², module temperature 25°C, AM1.5

Cable : 4.0 mm (12AWG) 2 , Portrait:300mm(+)/400mm(-);

Mechanical Characteristics

Number of Cells  pcs 108
Size of Cell mm 182x91
Size of Module mm 1722x1134x35
Weight kg 20.2
Connector MC4 compatible PV1-F 

 IP Rating: IP68

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Temperature Range (°C)  -40oC ~ +85oC
Surface Maximum Load Capacity (Pa)  5400
Allowable Hail Load 25mm ice-ball with velocity of 23m/s



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