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Sun Power Classic 8.0kWh 24V | Lead Acid Battery | Energy Storage

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GEL Hoppecke Energy Storage Power Pack. Store the Solar Energy to 24V Battery System with 8 Cells of  200Ah.

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Energy Storage with Enclosure

Hoppecke Sun Power Pack Classic 8kWh | 24V

In a moment of crisis, count on Hoppecke's powerful, durable and reliable lead acid batteries, part of the Sun Power Classic energy storage solution. Heavy-duty and designed to last until the lights come back on again, the lead acid battery provides uninterrupted supply under any condition. It's the perfect response to emergency situations and works to provide a power source for intentional off-grid usage as well.

This means you can connect  your most important or all your home appliances to the pre-sized 8 energy storage enclosures designed especially for 24V and 48V photovoltaic systems. The entire metallic enclosure of the Sun Power Classic is shockproof, designed with high-quality materials to protect the lead acid batteries as well as the user.

Sun Power Classic's energy storage cabinet is compact, to allow for smart configurations of batteries. Save on space by installing each vertically and create two rows of four cells instead — it's entirely your choice. Rest easy in your choice knowing that each energy storage cabinet comes with full technical support and 3-year warranty, along with all the bells and whistles such as installation instructions, fully-charged battery blocks, interlink cables, bolts, battery fuses, and a DC-Disconnector. So when you need a friendly boost in the dark of night or a way to provide some extra juice to your solarpowered devices, count on the expertly designed Sun Power Classic


Ready for Immediate Use

The enclosure is delivered with the following components

  • 50mm2 set of cables
  • 250Ah Battery Block 
  • Battery Fuses and DC Disconnector
  • Metalic Enclosure with racks
  • Interlink Cables.
  • Warning Labels
  • Installation Manual


829 x 385 x 767mm

Weight : 295kg

The installation video is available on our youtube chanel 

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  Installation manual and operating instruction 

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829  385  767 295


Recommended use of sun power pack classic - Lead Acid

  • Battery size: 8.0Wh
  • Annual energy requirment: 3600-4500 kWh
  • Minimum PV plant size: 4 kWp
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