Grid Tie 700W-6000W Inverters

Solis & Voltacon (Elios) on grid solar inverters. The benefits of Smart Grid-Tie Systems.

For the installers
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Fool-proof monitoring set-up
  • Support in your own language
  • Quick and reliable service 
  • Double Security Service 
  • Overview of multiple installations due to IntelliGuard
  • G83 and VDE 0121 certfiied
  • G100 Export limitation compliant


For the home owners

  • Reliable brand from the Netherlands & UK
  • Free monitoring using your own WiFi network
  • Smart and simple design of IntelliWeb portal
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Double Security Service
  • 5-10% more yield due to the IntelliConcept
  • IntelliShade will minimalize shadow losses
                  Family enjoys green energy from solar panels and soladin inverter                       

Grid  List 

Grid  List