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Elios Three-Phase 11kW On-Grid Inverter with Export Limitation

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Elios 11kW is a plug and play on-grid inverter with three-phase 400VAC output voltage. The inverter complies with the UK and European standards for the protection of islanding mode. It also works with FIT meters and export power limitation by measuring the power flow with current sensors. 

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Grid Tie Inverters

Elios 11000Watt Grid Inverter - Self Consumption and Export Limitation

The inverter works with grid connection and supports export to the national grid or export limitation which is ideal for self-consumption. 

If the power is not sold back to the grid, the three-phase current transformer (CT) needs to be installed to measure the energy consumption in the switch board. Based on the amount of power (in Watt), the inverter will feed as much energy as possible directly to the home or warehouse equipment. The surplus energy is exported back to the public power network. 

Using the current sensor, it is possible to limit the amount of exported energy to specific value. 



  • Wide input voltage range from 160V to 1000Vdc
  • IP65 protection, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Integrated DC solar switch
  • DSP Controller (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Peak efficiency at full load 98.3%
  • WI-FI Monitoring is integrated
  • Easy to install and user friendly set up

Interface and Communication Ports

  • Quick diagnostics with LED indicators (green, amber, red)
  • WIFI communication 
  • Error display with red warning sign.
  • PV input with MC4 connectors and DC isolation switch
  • USB, RS485
  • Male and Female AC output plug 
MODEL PH50- 11000TM
Output (AC) Rated AC output power 11000W
Max.AC apparent power 12100VA
Max.output current 17.5A
Nominal AC Voltage 230V \ 400V
AC Voltage range 184Vac-300Vac
AC grid frequency range 50±5Hz
Power factor at Rated power 1
Adjustable displacement power factor 0.8leading. 0.8lagging
THDi @ Full load%THDv <1% < 3%
AC grid connection type 3W+N+PE
Input Data Max.DC power 13200W
Max.DC voltage 1000V
Start voltage 160V
PV voltage range 160V-1000V
MPP voltage range 200V-1000V
Full load voltage range 520V-850V
Max.input current 20A \ 10A
Number of independent MPP trackers / strings per MPP tracker \/2+1
DC connection H4 \ MC4
Efficiency Max.efficiency 98.40%
Euro weighted efficiency 98%
MPPT efficiency 99.50%
Protection devices DC reverse polarity protection, Output over current protection, Output overvoltage protection-varistor, DC reverse polarity protection, DC switch rating for each MPPT(opt.), Ground fault monitoring, Integrated all-pole sensitive leakage current monitoring unit
GENERAL DATA FEATURES Dimension(W/H/D)(mm) 500*428*200
Weight (kg) 22
Operation temperature range -25℃ - +60℃ with derating above 45℃
Noise emission(typical) ≤35dB(A)
Altitude 3000m
Self-consumption night < 1W
Topology Transformerless
Cooling concept Natural
Environmental protection Rating IP65
Relative humidity 100%
Features AC connection connector
Display LED
Interfaces:USB/WI-FI/GPRS/ RS485 YES \ YES \ Opt \ YES
Warranty Standard 5 years \ 10 years (opt.)
Certificates and approvals CE \ IEC62109
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