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Solis 1000W Grid Tie System with Solar Panels 3x 400Watt

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With the Solis 700 4G and 3 monocrystalline modules, you can continuously generate up to 1200Watt. The inverter can be plugged directly into a wall socket, which means the green-energy will be consumed instantly by your home appliances. Using only 3 PV panels, the daily energy yield can reach 7kWh, this is going to offset the cost of your electricity bill.

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Grid Tie Solar System with 1000W Inverter and 3x PV Panels


It has never been easier to start generating your own electricity and consume it yourself at the same time.

With the Solis 1000 4G and 3 monocrystalline modules, you can continuously generate up to 930Watt. 
The inverter can be plugged directly into a wall socket, which means the green-energy will be consumed instantly by your home appliances. 
Using only 3 PV panes, the daily energy yield can reach 2.2kWh, this is going to offset the cost of your electricity bill.

Solis : Mini-1000-4G

Solis-4G Mini range of single-phase PV inverters is the latest generation of innovative products from Ginlong Technology, backed by more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of reliable, high-quality machine and electrical products.

The Mini 4G range includes numerous protection functions and offers the smallest unit size in 700W power range; described as "smaller but smarter" the Mini's slim and ultra-lightweight design make it easy for one person to install.

This compact unit boasts an ultra-low startup voltage, precise MPPT algorithm and optional Wi-Fi monitoring via iPhone and Android apps.

  • 1x Solis 1000W
  • 3x Solar panels 400W each, total power 1200Watt
  • 25 meters of solar cable
  • 3x PV Mounting kit 
  • 1x 3-core mains cable
  • 1x DC Switch
Notice : If you require an alternative PV mounting system please let us know and we will make arrangements. 
We have added pictures of the real equipment including the monocrystalline solar panels with 320Watt peak power and 19% efficiency.
Notice to the buyersAll the products are new and certified
More information about Solis 1000W

This slim and ultra-lightweight inverter’s design allows one person to install it with ease. The inverter is aesthetically pleasing making it ideal for domestic installations. It has a low start-up voltage of 60V as well as having over 97% max. efficiency. The inverter is IP65 protected alongside several other protection functions. The input voltage range is between 50V and 600V with precise MPPT algorithm. WiFi and GPRS are optional interfaces which can be purchased separately and retrofitted at any time. A WiFi and monitoring app is available to allow the user to monitor their system remotely. This inverter comes with a 5-year warranty as standard but can be easily extended to 10 or 20 years at a low cost.



• DRM integrated, fully comply with AS4777.2:2015
• Built-in Export Power Management (EPM) future proof; flexibility where DNO issues
• High Frequency Switching @ 30KHz (Which means the inverter can act more quickly, while being smaller, and is generally more efficient)
• Fifth Generation Infineon IGBT technology – Improves the efficiency by 0.5-0.8%
• Latest Texas Instruments TI2806 DSP Chip – Reduces CPU processing speed. PMW resolution increased x 1.5
• All New Heat Sync design – Lower operating temperatures
• The range of 4G inverters have been reduced in size and weight with the physically smaller range
• Monitoring – Plugin WiFI, GPRS and new LAN stick (With dongle in the same way as current model LAN is hardwire cabled version)



General specifications  Solis 700Watt

Operating temperature

0 °C to 40 °C

Enclosure plastic (ABS)
Safety class class II
Dimensions, hxwxd

310WX373HX160D (mm)



Protection degree IP20
Product warranty 5 years
Technical specifications 
Relative humidity max. 85%; non condensing
Grid output (AC) specifications 
Grid voltage 230 V (160-285VAC)
Max. output current 4.4A.
Frequency 49,8-50,2 Hz
Power factor 0.8... 1 ... 0.8
Standby power < 0,05 W
EU efficiency 96.5 %
Max. efficiency 97.2 %
Rated Output Power 700Watt
Fuse 3.15 A slow
Regulations & directives 
CE conformity yes
Nat. grid requirements EMC89/336/EEG; EN50081-1; EN61000-3-2; EN50082-2; LV73/23/EEC; EN60950; EN62109-1
Communication & monitoring 
Display two LED’s: yellow and red; correct working = yellow (speed of flashing is in relation to the power generated); malfunction = red (6 different flashing codes)
Safety regulations 
Island protection monitoring of voltage and frequency frame, disconnects within 100 ms
Temperature protection reducing the power in case of a higher temperature of the converter; will disconnect > 80 ºC
Protection of peak capacity automatic control, dependent on the temperature of the converter, by raising the Vmpp; it is impossible to damage the converter with too much power
DC polarity protection DC connection is protected (MC connectors can be damaged)
Solar input (DC) specifications 
Max. input power 900 Watt
PV power range 160-700 Wp
Nom. input power 535 W
Start-up power 1 W
MPP voltage range at nom. power 50-500V
Max. voltage 600V
Number of inputs 1x MultiContact 4mm²
Number of MPP trackers dynamic MPP tracker 1X
Nom. input current 11 A
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