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Knipex Precision Stripping Tool 4mm-10mm double insulated cables

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Knipex stripping tool for 4mm2 to 10mm2 wires with single and double insulation single core. Precise operation at your finger tips. 

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Solar Cables & Connectors

Knipex precision stripping tool 4mm2-10mm2  cables


Form-locking stripping also of difficult to remove insulation materials made of PTFE, silicon, Radox ®, Kapton ® and rubber. Also multi-layered. A second blade pair holding the rest of the insulation firmly and securely. Exactly to the corresponding conductor cross-tuned, replaceable form knife.

With adjustable length stop for equal insulation lengths when working in series Knife:

Special tool steel, oil-hardened.

Pliers body:Steel.This text is machine translated.

Replaceable shaped blade adapted precisely to the respective conductor cross-section - with length stop for constant stripping length during repetitive work - pliers body: steel - blade: special tool steel, oil-hardened


We really like how this high quality tool strippes our 4mm and 6mm solar phovoltaic cables from Hikra. It is really effortless to precisely clean the double-insulation of PV wires and make them ready for teh MC4 crimps.


Strand construction

Tin-plated copper strand (electrolytic copper), fine wire acc. IEC 60228 Class 5


Cross-linked Polyolefin; Shore hardness D 32; Minimum wall thickness acc. EN 50618 table 1

Outer Sheath

Cross-linked special compound XLPO; Shore hardness D 36; Minimum wall thickness acc. EN 50618 table 1


Sheath: black; Insulation: clear – naturally colored


HIKRA PLUS EN 50618 H1Z2Z2-K 25mm² R 60108819

Technical characteristics

Nominal voltage [U0/U]

1,5kV DC and 1,0/1,0kV AC

Maximum operating voltage

1,8kV DC (Internal examination 2,0kV DC)

Voltage test on complete cable

6,5kV AC / 15kV DC (5 minutes water bath, 20±5°C)

Current carrying capacity

See document „Current rating – HIKRA® Solar Cable“ November 2013

Max. resistance of conductor

EN 50395 Clause 5

Short-circuit temperature

250° C/5s

Cross-section mm²

Conductor construction n x max-Ø (mm)

Max. resistance of Conductor (Ω/km)

Cable OD (+/- 0,2 mm)

Copper kg/km

Weight kg/km

1 x 25.0

196 x 0.41





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