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Set of 4 Lead Acid OPzV solar power 250Ah 6V

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OPzV bloc solar.power. Lead acid by Hoppecke with high cycle stability. Suitable for off-grid solar systems. 4 batteries configurable for 12V or 24V systems at 250Ah.

£790.00 Incl VAT.
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OPZV Sealed Gel

4x Batteries for 12V or 24V system at 250Ah

Battery size: Length: 272mm Width:205mm Height:383mm. Weight: 51 kg

The batteries are delivered with interlink cables, 2 meter 35mm double insulated cable and protection fuses at 100A. The user will configure the 12V or 24V systems by connecting the cells in parallel and series.

Benefits of the OPzV bloc solar.power:

- Maintenance-free no need to add di-ionised water due to innovative Gel-technology

- Very high cycle stability during PSoC operating - due to tubular plate design with efficient charge current acceptance

- Maximum compatibility with existing battery systems - According to DIN 40744

- Easy assembly , safe installation - battery lid with integral handles

- Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation - based on HOPPECKE system connectors


Typical applications of Hoppecke OPzV bloc solar.power:

- Solar/Off-grid and Leisure Applications: Isolated holiday homes, cottages, alpine huts

- Storage for direct consumption of photovoltaic (PV) energy

- Traffic systems. Signaling systems Lighting

- Telecommunications: Mobile phone stations, BTS-stations, Off-grid/on-grid solutions


Technical Data

Type 12V 1 OPzV bloc solar.power 70 12V 2 OPzV bloc solar.power 120 12V 3 OPzV bloc solar.power 180
Rated voltage 12V
Capacity (C=10h) 51Ah 103Ah 154Ah
Number of poles 2
Working temperature (°C) -20 to +40
Dimensions in mm (lxwxh) 272 x205 x383 272 x205 x383 380 x205 x383
Weight (filled) 38kg 52kg 74kg
Type 6V 4 OPzV bloc solar.power 250 6V 5 OPzV bloc solar.power 300 6V 6 OPzS bloc solar.power 370
Rated voltage 6V
Capacity (C=10h) 228Ah 250Ah 308Ah
Number of poles 2
Working temperature (°C) -20 to +40
Dimensions in mm (lxwxh) 272 x205 x383 380 x205 x383 380 x205 x383
Weight (filled) 51kg 66kg 73kg
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