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LiFePO4 Battery 100Ah 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LPF)

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Lithium battery for leisure and home applications, lightweight, portable and safe to install. Ideal for motorhome, caravan and boat customers who want to bring the comfort of their homes on the go. 12V, 100Ah with 1kWh usable energy per block. Available from End of July 2022. Pre Order Now

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Lithium Ion

The Voltacon LiFePO4 or LFP (lithium iron phosphate) is the safest leisure battery in the range of mainstream li-ion batteries with nominal DC voltage 12.8V and internal single cell voltage 3.2V. It consists of four cells in series connection. 

It is easy and safe to combine batteries in series and parallel to achieve your requirements in terms of voltage and energy storage in kWh. 

  • The battery has an integrated cell balancing software and hardware
  • Can be parallel and series connected
  • Series strings of batteries must always be fused 


The Voltacon LiFePO4 Leisure Battery includes a round trip energy efficiency of 92% comparing the LiFePO4 to lead-acid batteries which can become inefficient when the state of charge is 80% this results in efficiencies of 50% or less compared to the Voltacon LiFePO4 Leisure Battery which still achieves 90% efficiency under a shallow discharge.  

Rugged - Long Lasting

The LPF batteries do not need to be charged in full, you can slightly prolong the life in case of partial charge.

Other main advantages are the operating temperature in extreme cases even below zero degrees, low internal resistance hence higher efficiency. 

An impressive life of 4,000 cycles

More efficient in deep cycles. 

In demanding applications like off-grid solar and wind, the efficiency from 100% to 0% and back to 100% charged is 92%. For the same cycles, the efficiency of lead-acid is 80%

Save space and weight

This is the winning combination especially for motorhomes, campervans and boats, space and weight are critical, with LPF lithium batteries you can save up to 70% in space and weight

Superior performance, long service life (12 years average) and efficiency are some of the parameters that make lithium batteries an inexpensive investment. 


Electrical Specifications and Dimensions

Battery Model: VES-LPF12V100AH

  • Cell Chemistry:                         LFP
  • Nominal Voltage:                      12.8Vdc
  • Voltage Range:                         10Vdc˜14.8VDC
  • Nominal Capacity:                     100Ah
  • Maximum Continuous Charging: 100A
  • Maximum continuous Discharge: 100A
  • Communicaton Protocol:             RS485
  • Insulation Resistance:                 500VDC,≧10MΩ
  • Unit Dimensions:                        284 x 172 x186.5mm
  • Unit Weight:                               13kg
  • Operating Temperature:               -20oC ˜50oC
  • Relative Humidity:                        0-95% no condensation
  • Cooling Method:                           Natural Convection 
  • Heating Film:                               Supported
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