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Slightly Used - Voltacon Lithium Ion LFP Battery 2.4kWh 48V, Li2021 with Pylontech Cells

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Lightly Used Battery, Only 12 pieces left, less than 50cycles per battery.

Lithium battery console with 2.4kWh stored energy at 48V, with optional indoor or outdoor cabinet. 12 Years design life and 90% depth of discharge. Compatible with a wide range of hybrid and off-grid inverters with 16 in 1 BMS.

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Lithium Ion


16 in 1 Compatible BMS that works with 16 brands of solar inverters

The cost and performance of lithium batteries continuously improve, the power density makes the consoles significantly smaller and compact. The round trip process, DC-to-storage-to-DC energy efficiency of the storage bank, or the fraction of energy put into the storage that can be retrieved, is one of the most important characteristics. That means less than 5% of your stored energy is lost in the conversion process. 


  • Extremely high efficiency, round trip efficiency 95%
  • Very low standby consumption less than 0.5Watt
  • Higher discharge and starting current compared to lead-acid
  • Energy density 100-200Wh/kg
  • Power density 1500-2000W/kg
  • Recharge time 1hour to 100%
  • Operating temperature from 0°C to 45°C 


  • We offer 48V50Ah (CATL)  batteries with sophisticated & reliable BMS.  
  • You can connect them in parallel to make 2.4kwh to 120kWh system. 
  • Easy to install and free of maintenance
  • Long-lasting (up to 6000cycles)
  • Can be used on-grid and off-grid
  • IEC62619 & UN38.3 certificates.
  • Compatible inverters: Voltacon, Growatt, Kelong, Goodwe, Sermatec(SMT), Studer, Victron, Deye, TBB Power, Schneider, Voltronic, LuxPower, Afore, Megarevo, Solis.


  • Model: 48V50Ah LFP battery
  • Size: 19inches*2U*410mm. 442 x 410 x 89mm
  • Life expectancy: over 6000 cycles, equivalent to 10-12 years
  • Certificate: UN38.3, IEC62619Connections: Parallel 


Battery Model Li2021 48V50Ah LFP
Chemistry LFP (Lithium iron phosphate battery)
Nominal Voltage 48
Voltage Range 44.5V-53.5V
Nominal Capacity 50Ah
Nominal Energy 2.4kWh
Unit Dimension 440mm* 430mm * 88.5mm (2U)
Unit Weight 23kg
Standard Charge Current 25A
Maximum Charge Current 50A
Standard Discharge 25A
Maximum Discharge Rate 50A
Round-Trip Efficiency >95%
Communication Protocol RS485, CAN
Cycle Life [email protected]/0.5C
Calendar Life ≥10years
Operating Temperature Charge: 0°C-45°C, Discharge: -20°C-60°C
Certificates IEC62619/UN38.3
Storage Temperature Within 1month -20-45°C
  1-3months -20-35°C
  3-12months 20-25°C


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