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MC4 Branch Connector for Parallel Solar Panels - Multibranch

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The Multi-branch connectors with 2 inputs create a parallel connection between two solar panels. Increase the current rating of the PV string with safe and water-proof connectors. Ideal for off grid , grid tie and hybrid installations.
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Multibranch MC4 Connector for paralleling solar panels

When two panels operate in parallel the positive cables are connected together and negative cables are also shorted together. Paralleling increases the current at max power point (Imp) while the voltage remains the same.

For example, the solar panels with 8Amps Imp and 18V Vmp , if two identical panels are connected together the amps will be 16Amps and the voltage will remain at 18V. 

If only two panels are required the Multibranch MC4 connector is the easiest and safest method. It is obvious that the two positive male and two negative females can not be connected together, that's why theh multibranch connectors will fulfill this connection. 

What is the package?

- One branch connector accepts two male MC4 on the input and one male MC4 at the output

- One branch connector accepts two female MC4 on the input and one female MC4 at the output

As a result, the number of cables is reduced from two positives to one positive and two negatives to one negative. 


Wiring MC4 Equipped Modules in Parallel:

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