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Voltacon Microinverter VMI 550W

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With the maximum output power of 550W, VOLTACON VMI500 microinverter connects to 1 panel and enables module-level maintenance and management of the PV station by monitoring the power generation of each module. The micro-inverters provide 10-20% yield improvement in net harvested power (kWh/kW) compared to conventional string inverter-based solar systems. G98 Grid Standard Compliance

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Micro Inverters


Notice: This inverter requires a grid connection, it does not work off-grid or in parallel with off-grid inverters

The product is certified for the European and UK market, the list of certificates is available in the download tab. The inverter is also G98/G99 Compliant.

Maximum output power up to 550W/channel, adapted to 60,66,72,75 cell or 120,132,144,150sub cell PV panels
Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%
High reliability, IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure, 6000 V surge protection

Voltacon modular micro-inverter-based solar systems have significant advantages vs. conventional DC string systems:

  • Maximised harvested energy: shading & defect immunity, reduced cabling losses, and power optimization (MPPT) for each module individually.
  • No single point of failure. Safer system as high voltage DC is eliminated: simple, standardized, cost-effective installation with no specialist DC installers. System management and performance are enhanced through communication down to the individual module level.
  • Voltacon inverters uniquely deliver high performance at low cost and high reliability, yielding ~20% cost of ownership advantage.

Advantage of de-centralized solar grid inverters

  • Enables True AC-Module.
  • 'Plug & Play' - lower installed cost.
  • Lifetime equivalent to solar panels – 25 years.
  • Higher harvested energy in ‘real world’.
  • High-performance system monitoring.
  • Rooftops compromised by shade.
  • Building Integrated PV (building walls and irregular surfaces).
  • PV on grid-connected power poles or streetlights poles.
Low DC voltage, and invisible.
Components selected from world-class brands.
Individual MPPT for each module.
18A continuous input.
Adapts to any system size and optimizes space.
Hand-in-hand design. Fewer add-ons.
Long 25 years lifetime. Up to 15 years warranty.
Module-level online smart monitoring.

Monitoring Device

Communication with VOLTACON microinverters through PLCC/Zigbee enables users to manage the systems in a smart digital way.

Input Data (DC)  
Recommended Input Power (STC) 400~670W Single, 60~75 full/120~150 sub cells
(300~450W)*2 Parallel, 72~75 full/144~150 sub cells
MPPT Voltage Range 24V-50V
Operating Voltage Range 16V-60V
Maximum Input Voltage 60V
Max. Short Circuit Current 20A
Max. Input Current 18A
Output Data (AC)  
Rated Output Power 550W
Maximum Output Power 570VA (Vac>=230, Vmp>=35)
Rated Voltage/Range 230V/176-265V
Rated Frequency/Range 50Hz/60Hz (46.5-62)Hz
Maximum Continuous Output Current 2.5A
Maximum Harmonic Distortion <3%
Power Factor >0.99 (Default)
Maximum Connection Number In One String 8 units (24A circuit breaker, 10AWG cable)
Peak Efficiency 96.5%
European Efficiency 96%
MPPT Efficiency >99.8%
Night Power Consumption <100mW
Other Parameters  
Communication Method Optional
Safety Protection Classe I
Enclosure Rating IP67
Operating Temperature -40° to +70°
Storage Temperature -40° to +85°
Relative Humidity 0-98%
Transformer Design High frequency transformer, Electrical isolated
Overvoltage Class OVC III (AC), OVC II (PV)
Warranty Period 10 / 25years Optional
Dimensions(L x W x H mm) 210 x 230 x 34
Weight(kg) 2.39
Safety Regulations VDE-AR-N 4105, EN50549-1, NC RFG, C10/11, INMETRO ABNT ABR 16149/16150/62116, CEI-0-21, AS/NZS 4777, VFR2019, G98, IEC/EN61000, IEC/EN62109


and Set Up with Gateway Monitoring Device 

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