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Easy Plan Triangle/Multiangle Aluminium Systems

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The base price is for 1 Module of Landscape Orientation. Please select the right orientation and the number of modules suitable for you.

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Solar Panels

Easy Plan Triangle/Multiangle Aluminium Systems

For many people interested in solar panels and green technology, it’s no longer the price or the technology that’s keeping them from investing: it’s the installation. Especially for those with flat roofs, figuring out how to maximise space and efficiency can be a problem. Our Easy Triangle Angle Frame is a simple solution that will give you what you need.  

Our easy to install, the adjustable frame allows you to angle your solar panels anywhere from 1 to 35 degrees. This lets you get the most out of your available roof space and supports panel adjustment to avoid shadowing. The result is maximised efficiency for your system.  

  • System for installation of universal clamping module, becoming highly versatile and suitable for all types of modules;
  • Adaptation to any kind of roof (tile, sandwich panels, wooden beams, concrete and steel);
  • Custom design solutions;
  • Standard and customised solution;
  • Easy assembly structure with no need to drill or cut between every component that holds that same structure;
  • Exceptional strength and reliability;
  • Manufacturing warranty: 15 years 
  • Triangle/Multiangle Aluminium Systems (EN AW-6060) with thermal treatments (EN 573-3 and EN 755-2). (Special treatments can be applied for aggressive environments, under quotation); 
  • Stainless Steel-A2 products (DIN ISO 4759/1 and DIN 267/2). (For aggressive environments can be used Stainless steel-A4, under quotation); 
  • Roof attachments in stainless steel and/or aluminium for different types of roof;
  • Snow load: 1 kN / m² for locations under 1.000 m above the sea level;
  • Wind load: For maximum height of 22m and in type II exposure in compliance with Eurocode, maximum wind speed according to structure calculation.  


  • Triangle/Multiangle Aluminum 60x40x4mm;
  • Easy Roof Aluminum Rail;
  • Middle/End Clamp Aluminum;
  • Rail Connector;
  • Nut with Plastic Clip M8 – Stainless Steel A2;
  • Allen Bolt Din 912 – Stainless Steel A2;
  • Flanged Nuts – Stainless Steel M10;
  • T Bolt Stainless Steel A2.

Solar Panels Compatibility

It is an ideal solution to keep the overall cost of your photovoltaic installation to the minimum level. You can use standard panels mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline Suitable solar panels:

  • up to 220cm length. 
  • up to 105cm width
  • up to 35mm height
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  Installation Guide - Solar Panel Triangle Mounting Frame



Technical Specifications

Inclination angle 1 to 35 degrees

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