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NERO 11kW Solar Water Pump Inverter Three Phase (Aspire)

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Aspire 11kW Water Pump inverter-driver with integrated MPPT charger. Irrigation of water without batteries. The off-grid inverter runs directly from solar panels, maximum PV 17000Watt

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Solar Water Pumps

ASPIRE-NERO. Solar Inverter for Water Pumps

11kW Solar Inverter Charger with close loop control and DSP processor for driving induction motors. This is our first solar water pump inverter. The built in MPPT solar charger will feed the maximum power of the solar panels directly to the 3-phase motor. If the irradiation is low, the auxiliary AC-Input will power the load from the mains or an external diesel generator. 

The user-friendly LCD screen make the control and monitoring of the inverter a very straight forward task.  There is real-time access to all the data of the inverter that enables the users to check the status of their system. It is also possible to monitor the inverter remotely (over the internet) using the RS-485 port.

Main Electrical Features

  • Rated output power: 11000Watt
  • Maximum DC Voltage : 800Vdc
  • Maximum PV Array: 17600Watt

Other Features

  • Supports  three-phase motor
  • Compatible to utility or generator input
  • Integrated Protection Relays and self-diagnostics
  • Soft start function prevents water harmmer effect.
  • User Friendly LCD and LED display for real-time system status
  • Remote monitoring through RS-485

 11kW Solar Inverter for Water Pumps-Asprie-Nero-Brochure
 Solar Inverter suitable for water pumps

11kW Solar Inverter for Water Pumps-Asprie-Nero-DATA SHEET

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