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12V Off-Grid

Generate clean energy in nearly any location with our Conversol Off-grid Solar Kits!


We allow customers to personalise their kits because we know every home or business has different energy needs. Select the desired quantities of rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic panels. We also supply several types of batteries, including OPzS, GEL and lithium-ion.

Ready to use

Our factory also installs all of the necessary electrical equipment in a single ready-to-use cabinet. This saves time and money by simplifying installation. Your off-grid kit will come with our exclusive metal battery enclosures that conserve space and maximise safety.

Generator compatible

If you connect a petrol or diesel generator to an inverter's AC power input you are able to boost the charging capacity of your panels; this enables you to produce a current as high as 80 amps. All you need is a generator that delivers 50 percent more watts than your inverter.

Plug and Play

You will find everything you need inside our Off Grid Kit solutions. In addition to the panels and 12-volt batteries, it includes well-made cables, fuses, caps, screws and breakers. Even if you only have rudimentary electrical skills, our detailed instructions make it easy to set up this "plug and play" equipment.

We thoroughly test our products and guarantee them for two years - and all our off grid kits are manufactured inside the United Kingdom. Customers enjoy reliable power independence while minimising their environmental impact. We can rapidly ship equipment to different locations around the globe.

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