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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12/30(3) 120-240V

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Bluetooth-enabled, natural convection cooling, 30A charge current, 12V version with maximu charge voltage 14.4V

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Phoenix Smart Chargers

Bluetooth Smart built-in
The wireless solution to set-up, monitor, update and synchronise Phoenix Smart IP43 Chargers.


Phoenix Smart (1+1): two outputs to charge 2 battery banks
The second output, limited to approximately 4A and with a slightly lower output voltage, is intended to top up a starter battery.

Phoenix Smart (3): three full current outputs to charge 3 battery banks

Each output can supply the full rated output current. But the total of the 3 outputs combined can never exceed the current rating of the charger.

Automatic voltage compensation
The charger compensates for voltage drop over the DC cabling by slightly increasing output voltage when the DC current increases. Please see the manual for details.

Also charges Li-ion (LiFePO₄) batteries
Charger on-off control can be implemented by connecting a relay or open collector optocoupler output from a Li-ion BMS to the remote on-off port. Alternatively full control of voltage and current can be achieved with Bluetooth

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