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Cables & Connectors

The selection of AC wires and solar cables is as important as any other component of a photovoltaic system. We have in stock the highest quality PV Cables and Battery Starter Cables (known as Welding Cables).

Solar Phovoltaic Cables
The solar installation is meant to last over 25 years, and the insulation of the cable is made for the same life expectancy. The HIKRA Pro complies with EN 50618:2014, TÜV R 60108819 standards. It is available in 4mm² and 6mm². The high-grade insulation will not be affected by any weather conditions, indoor and outdoor installation is possible without a protective conduit.

Mains NYY Cables
The non-armoured mains and controlled cables meet the IEC60502-1 and VDE 0276-603 standards, they are available in sizes 5mm to 16mm and in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 cores. The cable's structure has solid plain copper conductors, PVC insulated, PVC filler, and PVC outer sheath in black. The voltage rating is 600/1000 volts grade to IEC60502-1 and VDE 0276-603. 

Suitable For installation indoors, outdoors or even underground. If mechanical stress is expected the cables must be installed in a duct.

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