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HIKRA SOL Solar cable 6mm in red. Double Insulation. 50m drum

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Solar cable HIKRA-Pro. A reel  of 50meter 6mm2. Insulation colour black. HIKRA PLUS EN50618 6,0 mm², black, outer-Ø 6,0 mm (PU 100m) H1Z2Z2-K, EN 50618:2014, TÜV

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Solar Cables & Connectors

Hikra-Pro Solar Cable 6mmRED Insulation

A reel of 50 meters of quality solar cable in red.

Another important component of any solar photovoltaic system is that plays a paramount in low-loss power transmission.  Our cables are TÜV certified and branded under the name HIKRA® PRO.  They meet the requirements of the DKE (German Electrical Commission) and feature the best mechanical and electrical characteristics. The high-quality double insulation protects the cable from any temperature between  -40° C to +90° C. 

The special insulation compound is waterproof and suitable for direct burial in earth.

We supply only colour coded cables for safe and easy installation. The red cables are intended for use in positive (+) DC voltage and black cable are used for negative (-) DC voltage.

HIKRA PLUS EN50618 6,0 mm², black, outer-Ø 6,0 mm (PU 100m) H1Z2Z2-K, EN 50618:2014, TÜV R 60108819

Voltacon selected a dedicated photovoltaic cable for all PV solar systems for outdoor/indoor conditions. HIKRA cables have high resistant to atmospheric conditions as UV radiation and abrasion. 

A cable that last for life. Key Advantages

  • UV-Resistant, ozone-, acid-, alkali,weather-resistant and water proof
  • Flame-retardant, halogen-free
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Highly flexible for high mechanical stress
  • Insulation Sheath colour: black / red
  • Suitable for extreme temperature conditions.
  • If incinerated it does not generate toxic gases.
  • 25- years warranty to match the warranty of your solar panels

Cable construction

  • Tin-plated copper strand, fine wire as per IEC 60228 class 5
  • Double insulated
  • Special chemical compound for insulation

Very low cable losses 

When we design solar off grid or grid-tied system we optimise all the components to give the highest possible efficiency. Our target is to reach an overall efficiency of 95%. By selecting a low-resistance cable you can rest assured that you won't waste your valuable solar energy in the wires.
Maximum conductor resistance (Ω/m)  5mΩ/meter
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