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1m to 25m Solar PV Cable 6mm Solar Panel Pre-Crimped MC4 Connectors

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Solar PV Cable 6mm² for Solar Panel Pre-Crimped with MC4 Connectors made by Helukabel in Germany.

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Solar Cables & Connectors

Solar PV Cables

HIKRA SOL 1500V Pair of Solar Cable 6mm². Assembled with MC4 multi-contact connector

We offer you a hassle free solution with pre-assembled cable links in specific lenght. The Hikra solar phovoltaic cable has double insulation with maximum dc voltage rating up to 1500V. The cables are certified by TUV and VDE in accordance to the international cable standard EN506618. 

In the current listing, you can buy a pair of red and black 6mm² cables, it is safer and easier to use coloured wires to avoid any potential short circuits or mixed up polarities. The red cable is used for the positive (+) dc voltage from the solar panels and the black cable is connected to the negative (-) terminal of the solar array.

Cable characteristics

  • Nominal voltage [U0/U]: 0,6/1,0kV AC
  • Max. permitted operating voltage: 1,8kV DC 
  • Internal examination: 2,0kV DC (conductor/conductor not grounded system, non-loaded circuit) 
  • Cable has a special coating that makes is resistant to water and can be buried directly into the ground
  • Double insulated
  • Tinned copper multi-stranded wires with extremely low resistance

Usage of cable

The double-insulated HIKRA Solar cable is suitable for indoor and outdoor use for free hanging and fixed installation.

Product Code: HIKRA SOL 1500V EN50618



Solar Cables Datasheet


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