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Solar PV Combiner Box 2-Ways In 2-Ways Out. Off Grid & Hybrid Inverters up to 600Vdc. Surge Protection.

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Suitable for solar inverters with 2 independent MPPT trackers, up to 600V, 2ways in, 2ways output. Matches the Conversol Max 8kW, 11kW, and all the inverters with dual input. SPD, fuses terminals, DC isolator, IP65 box.

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Protection & Monitoring

Solar Combiner Junction Box for 2x MPPT Input Off Grid & Hybrid Inverters - 600Vdc


Why do I need a combiner box? First of all for protecting the installer and later the users. During the installation of solar panels or when maintenance is required, the strings of solar panels carry up to 25Amps at voltages that are lethal for humans (up to 550Vdc).

Before a high-voltage PV array is connected to the inverter, it is important to install fused terminals and DC isolators that will give adequate protection against short circuits and surge voltages.

The 2/2-600V is a waterproof combiner enclosure with two fully protected independent solar strings and two independent outputs. The PV input with a maximum 25A, 550V goes into the box and the same strings is connected to the MPPT charger of the inverter. 


Wiring diagram of combiner box

MPN Code: BHS-2-2-600V

List of materials

DC Isolator

BB1H-63, 2P 600V 63A: 2pcs


BUD-40/2, 2P 600V 40kA: 2pcs

DC Fuse Holder

BR-30, 1P 1000V: 4pcs

DC Fuse Link

OSPV-20A: 4pcs

Cable Gland

PG21, sealing range 13-18mm: 2pcs

Cable Gland

PG13.5, sealing range 6.7-12mm: 1pc

Cable Gland

PG9, sealing range 4-8mm: 4pcs

Other Components



DC Switch Disconnector

  • Rated Insulation Voltage: 600V
  • Rated Current: 63A
  • Category: DC21B/PV2
  • Standard Compliance with: IEC 60947-3
  • Certification: UL, TUV, KEMA, SAA, CE

DC fuse holder

  • LED Indicator
  • Rated working voltage 1000V
  • 4x Fuse Link: 10x38mm, ABB 30A
  • Certification UL, CB, CE

Installation Enviroment

  • Operating temperature: -20°C~+60°C
  • Humidity 99%
  • Altitude: 2000M
  • Installation wall mounting

DC Surge Arrester

  • Max operating voltage 600V
  • Standard compliance EN 50539 Type 2
  • Maximum Discharge Current 40kA
  • Certification TUV/CE
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