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RV Off-Grid Solar Kit 1000W 12V. AGM Batteries. V-Basic Power

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Green power generation while you are moving, the complete solution for mobile home and trucks. Low noise solar inverter and maintenance free solar bloc batteries compose a sustainable system of off-grid electrification.

£550.00 Incl VAT.
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Solar RV & Motorhomes

Solar Off-Grid Kit for Motor Homes, Caravans and RVs. 1000Watt 

Our mission is to bring the comfort of your home on the road. The recreational market evolves fast and offer fantastic flexibility and convenience to the travellers. Voltacon's off grid solar kit is 1000Watt and generates clean electricity directly from the sun.

The pure sinewave output at 230VAC provides stable electricity to standard home-appliances, there is no need for special 12V lights, microwaves or TVs. 

We included in the package all the equipment to enable the travellers to generate electricity on the go ! 

The users add from the drop down menu the number of batteries and solar photovoltaic panels. We have included the inverter, charger, cables and protection devices in the starting price. 

1kW Off Grid Photovoltaic Kit - Content

  • ECO-1000 Conversol 1000Watt 12V/230VAC
  • Integrated MPPT charger
  • 25 meter solar cable
  • MC4 Connector
  • AC isolator 
  • PV isolator

Additional items available in the drop down options.

  • 400W monocrystalline solar panels
  • AGM 70Ah batteries 12V
  • AGM 150Ah batteries 12V
  • Mounting frames. 

Technical Description 1000W/1000VA 12V System.

We have added in this package the component for a safe and fully functional mini off-grid system. The following items are included in the package.

The Conversol 800W at 12V is made with PWM Solar Charger controllers. The PV input accepts up to 500 W 

Full List of Components

 Item     Quantity  


 Solar Panels     320Watt Monocrystalline
 Inverter/Charger 1  1000W, MPPT, 12V/230VAC
 Batteries    AGM, GEL, 12V Bloc, Hoppecke.
 Battery Cable 4  2 meter black/red
 Fuses 2  80A Fuses NH00
 Fuse Disconnector  1 160A Max Capacity Isolator
 Solar Cable + 15m  Red 4mm
 Solar Cable - 15m  Black 4mm
 Combiner Box 1  2 DC inputs fuses, 2 DC Outputs
 Earthing Rod 1  Copper Rod and Earthing Cable
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