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Conversol V5 Super Off Grid-Inverter 15kW, 48V, Parallel, MPPT, Bluetooth

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The most powerful combination of 3 off grid inverters that can be configured in single and three-phase systems.

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48V Off Grid 230VAC

15kW Conversol Inverters with MPPT Chargers & Bluetooth Connection - 48V

A complete set of 3 power inverters with parallel kits

The 5048-B-P Conversol is the 3rd generation of off grid inverters with parallel operation, built in MPPT solar battery charger and now even with Android monitoring/Bluetooth/USB. 

Technically, the most important featured as opposed to the Converol 5K48-M is the "Zero Transfer Time " between line and inverter mode.  The speedy transfer is crucial in applications like servers, ATM machines, medical equipment and security systems. The continuous supply of electricity without interruption is paramount. 

The communication cards with special cables are pre-installed on the inverter to allow easy installation of the 3 inverters in single phase or three phase arrangement. 

If you are planning to use an external generator the power rating of it should be 1.5 time larger than the rating of the inverter. 

 Special Feautures at a glance.

  • Max 80Amp MPPT solar charger per inverter
  • Max 240Ampp MPPT combined with 3 inverters
  • Max PV input voltage 145V in open circuit
  • Battery charging voltage up to 64V
  • Pure sinusoidal output with high frequency switching
  • Works off grid or with a grid 
  • Auxiliary generator starter dry contact
  • Grid charging up to 60Amps

Download the new manual of our Conversol V5

Download product documents: 

Conversol V5 Super Manual

Conversol V5 Super Specification Sheet

 Notice: The following data sheet refers to the specification for one inverter.

Conversol V5 5kVA Off Grid - Inverter Specification

Conversol V5 5kVA Off Grid

Rated Power



Voltage 230 VAC ± 5%
Selectable Voltage Range 110-280 VAC
Frequency Range 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)


AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) 230VAC ± 5%
Surge Power 10000VA for 5 sec
Efficiency (Peak) 93% Line mode, 90% Battery mode
Transfer Time 0 ms
Waveform Pure sine wave


Battery Voltage

48 VDC

Floating Charge Voltage

54 VDC (up to 64VDC)

Overcharge Protection

66 VDC


Maximum PV Array Power

4000 W

MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage

60-115 V

Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage

145 VDC

Maximum Solar Charge Current 80 A
Maximum AC Charge Current 60 A
Maximum Charge Current 140A
Maximum Efficiency 98%
Standby Power Consumption 2W


Dimension, D X W X H (mm) 140 x 300 x 512
Net Weight (kgs) 12.2


Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 55℃
Storage Temperature -15℃ to 60℃

* There are charging current selection only available for 230VAC system.

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice

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