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Silent Power SP1648-D, Solar Off Grid Control Cabinet 16kW Single Phase Inverters 48V / 230V

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A bespoke system for single-phase domestic and commercial power supplies with grid or generator back up. 16kW on a single phase with two parallel Conversol MAX inverters. Fully wired and tested in the UK. With Solar-Assistant advance online monitoring

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Silent Power Cabinets

Fully wired off-grid control cabinet. 16kW Single Phase 230V. 48V Lithium & Lead Acid Batteries Compatible.

A bespoke system that meets the requirements of off-grid electrification and supports power independence from the national grid. You can contact our team to discuss the development of your own power station, a unique service in the UK that is offered exclusively by Voltacon.

Skip the complications and head straight for the comfort and freedom of a complete energy system. This multifunctional energy system brings together a powerful sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger, a high-speed AC transfer switch and AC distribution in a single lightweight and compact enclosure, which cuts down on the time required to install and eliminates pesky technical procedures that could crop up for the novice installer. The result is a seamless installation process with a control cabinet that works hard -- though you'd never be able to guess!

Every Silent Power Off-Grid Photovoltaic Control Cabinet is designed with a state-of-the-art battery monitoring system with added Bluetooth connectivity. Access temperature and energy status update and avoid premature failures via any Android-based mobile phone.

To get started, simply connect the solar panel and battery cables to the protected power terminals of the cabinet. The Silent Power Off-Grid Photovoltaic Control Cabinet is a complete system that focuses on energy but keeps the user at the center of its design. 

Voltacon develops plug'n'play off grid control cabinets that are made in the UK for continuous 230VAC power supply. The main power conversion system is our Conversol inverter/charger with active output power 16000W, the MPPT 150A solar charger, and the battery monitor from Victron (BMV-712). In this version, we have added the parallel function with two 8kW Max inverters. 

The cabinet is fully wired with 70mm2 battery cables, double insulated solar cables with fused terminals and DC battery distribution system using 1000A bus bars (Lynx Distributor from Victron with 200A fuses).


The Solar-Assistant with Orange PI 3 LTS is included and programmed ready to monitor your inverter performance over the internet. No annual fees are required.

The Power Station Contains

  • Solar Inverter 2x 8000W with MPPT Battery Charger
  • AC Output Terminals 230VAC
  • AC Circuit Breaker & RCD
  • AC Output Terminal for an external generator
  • AC Output breaker and soft start for generator
  • Victron BMV-712 with Bluetooth, and battery monitoring.
  • Integrated PV Combiner with fused terminals
  • DC Disconnector for the solar panels
  • DC Disconnector for the batteries
  • Maximum PV Power 16000Watt
  • 4 independent MPPT controller
  • 500A smart shunt resistor with Bluetooth connection
  • 1 lynx distributor part of the battery dc bus bar system
  • 1 lynx power in part of the battery dc bus bar system
  • Remote monitoring using Wi-Fi
  • Detachable control displays

Dimensions of Silent Power SP-1648


  • 900mm height x 600mm width x 250mm depth

Diagram - Concept of Operation


What is inside?




Specification Table

Conversol 8KVA Inverter Specification

Conversol 8kW Max

Rated Power

8000Watt / 800VA


Voltage 120 VAC or 230 VAC
Selectable Voltage Range 170-280 VAC (For Personal Computers)
90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)
Frequency Range 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto-sensing)


AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) 230VAC ± 5%
Surge Power
Efficiency (Peak) 90% - 93%
Transfer Time 10 ms (For Personal Computers)
20 ms (For Home Appliances)
Waveform Pure sine wave


Battery Voltage

48 VDC

Floating Charge Voltage

54 VDC

Overcharge Protection

66 VDC

Maximum PV Array Power

8000 W (2x4000W)

MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage

90 VDC ~450 VDC

Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage

450 VDC

Maximum Solar Charge Current 80 A
Maximum AC Charge Current 80 A
Maximum Charge Current 160A
Maximum Efficiency 98%
Standby Power Consumption 2W
Dimension, D X W X H (mm) 147.4 X 432.5 X 553.6
Net Weight (kgs) 18.4
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 55℃
Storage Temperature -15℃ to 60℃

* There are charging current selection only available for 230VAC system.

Communication ports: USB, DRY contact, RS485, WiFi, RS232

Overload Capacity : 5sec @ > 150% load, 10sec @ 110%-150%  load, 100ms @>200% load

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice

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