Silent Power SP5048-B-P, PLUG 'N' PLAY PHOTOVOLTAIC CONTROL CABINET Off Grid Inverter Charger Kit 5000Watt

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Silent Power SP5048-B-P, PLUG 'N' PLAY PHOTOVOLTAIC CONTROL CABINET Off Grid Inverter Charger Kit 5000Watt

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Complete Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Kit. It includes Inverter with Charger, PV Cables and Protection Accessories. Easy and Safe Set Up. 


Silent Power OFF-GRID Control Cabinet - 5000VA 48V - 80A Solar Charger

Skip the complications and head straight for the comfort and freedom of a complete energy system. This multifunctional energy system brings together a powerful sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger, a high-speed AC transfer switch and AC distribution in a single lightweight and compact enclosure, which cuts down on the time required to install and eliminates pesky technical procedures that could crop up for the novice installer. The result is a seamless installation process with a control cabinet that works hard -- though you'd never be able to guess!

Every Silent Power Off-Grid Photovoltaic Control Cabinet is designed with a state-of-the-art battery monitoring system with added Bluetooth connectivity. Access temperature and energy status update and avoid premature failures via any Android-based mobile phone.

To get started, simply connect the solar panel and battery cables to the protected power terminals of the cabinet. The Silent Power Off-Grid Photovoltaic Control Cabinet is a complete system that focuses on energy but keeps the user at the centre of its design. 

Voltacon develops plug'n'play off grid control cabinets that are made in the UK for continuous 230VAC power supply. The main power conversion system is our Conversol inverter/charger with active output power 5000VA/5000W, the MPPT 80A solar charger and the battery monitor from Victron (BMV-712). In this version, we have added the parallel function for easy expansion up to 45kW (equivalent to 9 inverters).

Quick Product Code: SP-5048-B-P

The Power Station Contains

  • Solar Inverter 5000W with MPPT Battery Charger
  • AC Output Terminals 230VAC
  • AC Circuit Breaker & RCD
  • AC Output Terminal for an external generator
  • AC Output breaker and soft start for generator
  • Victron BMV-712 with Bluetooth, battery monitoring.
  • Integrated PV Combiner with fused terminals
  • DC Disconnector for the solar panels
  • DC Disconnector for the batteries
  • Built in Cabinet LED light, USB rechargeable.

Direct connection Socket 32A 2P+E 240VAC. IP44

The splash proof sockets on the left side of the cabinet offer a safe and quick connection from the inverter to the AC-loads (household appliaces etc) and interface to an externa generator/grid.
  • Splashproof
  • PA6 Plastic
  • Calibrated Self-Cleaning Contacts
  • Clear Terminal Markings

Dimensions of Silent Power SP5048-B-P

  • 900mm height x 600mm width x 250mm depth

Recommended Batteries and Energy Storage

The MPPT controller will charge lead-acid , AGM/GEL and lithium batteries. We selected in the list below high-density , heave-duty batteries from Hoppecke and Pylontech. 

  • Energy storage cabinet 11kWh/48V , this is a maintnance free solution expandable to 22kWh 
  • OPzS 2V cells Hoppecke. The solution is recommended for large systems over 50kWh
  • Lithium US2000 Batteries. Stackable module allow you to store solar generated power in small foot-print (2kWh up to 120kWh)

Read more about why there is no other way to get off the grid quicker. (click here)

Diagram - Concept of Operation


What is inside?


PV Mounting Structure

A wide range of aluminium and stainless steel components and systems are available to facilitate the fastening of any solar photovoltaic module. 
You can choose between portrait or landscape configuration, ground mounts and roof mounts of all kinds.
View the PV Mounting Structures category.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications - Silent Power Station - 5000Watt 



 Conversol SP5048 - 5000W


Conversol 5000VA , 48V, 230VAC        

Solar Charger


Battery Voltage


Nominal AC Power

 5000W, 230VAC, P.F: 1

Max Charging


Max PV Power 

Max PV Voltages  145Vdc


 IP54, Wall mounted cubicle powder coated steel, mounting brackets

and wall plugs are included.


Watch Power Real Time Monitoring & Victron BMV-712

AC Protection

25A circuit breaker type B

DC Battery Protection 

 DC Disconnector, 100A, size 00, 80Vdc max.


 Solar PV Breaker, RCD Type A 30mA for AC OUTPUT

Additional Outputs

change over switch, NO BMV Contact , temperature sensor,

230V AC 1A Aux





900 x 600 x 290 mm 


Customer Reviews

Industrial standards for domestic solar kit Review by Nick
Great purchase, i liked the simplicity of the silent power cabinet. I recommend to add the modbus communication board for direct connection to the internet. Apart from that the Conversol 5kW inverter is the best option for off -grid electrification. (Posted on 12/16/2019)
Good product Review by Raphael
A bit expensive but i noticed that we cut the cost of installation, we also eliminated an potential mistakes on site.

Silent power cabinet is delivered tested and ready to go! (Posted on 12/16/2019)
Top quality solar off grid kit Review by Andy L
The only one in the market, i had to connect only the solar cables, plug my AC load to the 3 pin plug (cable and plug provided) and 2 cables from my batteries. 20 minutes job (Posted on 12/16/2019)
Professional design Review by Walker
One of the best solar solutions in the market, it took me 30min to set it up and install it on the wall. I am very pleased ! I saved money on installation/wiring (Posted on 12/16/2019)

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