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Silent Power SP5048MV, Off Grid Inverter Charger Kit 5000Watt, up to 450V PV Voltage. PLUG 'N' PLAY PHOTOVOLTAIC CONTROL CABINET

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Complete Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Kit. It includes Inverter with Charger, PV Cables and Protection Accessories. Easy and Safe Set Up. You can choose from three pre-sized maintenance-free battery banks from 150Ah to 1100Ah.

Customise your own kit by selecting how many panels and batteries from the drop-down menus. Now with the advanced monitoring software Solar-Assistant

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48v Off-Grid

Silent Power SP5048, OFF-GRID Control Cabinet, High PV Volts (450V)

Voltacon develops Plug'n'Play off grid control cabinets that are made in the UK for continuous 230VAC power supply. The main power conversion system is our Conversol inverter/charger with active output power 5000VA/5000W, the MPPT 80A solar charger, and the battery monitor from Victron (BMV-712). In this version, we have added the parallel function for easy expansion up to 45kW (equivalent to 9 inverters). 

Having much higher allowance on the pv voltage, the installers have adequate MPP Tracking range from 120V to 450Vdc.  The overall efficiency of the system is improved when multiple solar panels are installed in series for high-level voltages. Using a single or 2 string in parallel the installed capacity reaches 4500Wp, this is the largest 5kW inverter in the market. 

Main Features with this product: Bluetooth Battery Monitoring, Remote control monitoring over the internet with our Web-box

The Solar-Assistant with Orange PI 3 LTS is included and programmed ready to monitor your inverter performance over the internet. No annual fees are required.

The Power Station Contains

  • Solar Inverter 5000W with MPPT Battery Charger
  • AC Output Terminals 230VAC
  • AC Circuit Breaker & RCD
  • AC Output Terminal for external generator
  • AC Output breaker and soft start for generator
  • Victron BMV-712 with Bluetooth, battery monitoring.
  • Integrated PV Combiner with fused terminals
  • DC Disconnector for the solar panels
  • DC Disconnector for the batteries
  • Surge protection on the AC output and PV panels
  • Control and monitor over the internet.


How to Buy

You may purchase the control cabinet for off grid system without batteries and panels, our technical experts recommended (optional) AGM maintenance free energy storage and 310W Solar Panels. We have more options available online such as OPzS FLOODED batteries

Hoppecke lead acid flooded batteries : OPzS and Vented Tubalar


Dimensions of Silent Power SP-5048


  • 900mm height x 600mm width x 250mm depth


Read more about why there is no other way to get off the grid quicker. (click here)

Diagram - Concept of Operation




PV Mounting Structure

A wide range of aluminium and stainless steel components and systems are available to facilitate the fastening of any solar photovoltaic module. 
You can choose between portrait or landscape configuration, ground mounts and roof mounts of all kinds.
View the PV Mounting Structures category.

Technical Specifications - Silent Power Station - 5000Watt - MPPT Range 120-450Vdc



 Conversol SP5048HV - 5000W


Conversol 5000VA , 48V, 230VAC        

Solar Charger


Battery Voltage


Nominal AC Power

 5000W, 230VAC, P.F: 1

Max Charging


Max PV Power 

Max PV Voltages  450Vdc


 IP54, Wall mounted cubicle powder coated steel, mounting brackets

and wall plugs are included.


Watch Power Real Time Monitoring & Victron BMV-712

AC Protection

25A circuit breaker type B

DC Battery Protection 

 DC Disconnector, 160A, size 00, 80Vdc max.


 Solar PV Breaker, RCD Type A 30mA for AC OUTPUT

Additional Outputs

change over switch, NO BMV Contact , temperature sensor,

230V AC 1A Aux





900 x 600 x 290 mm 


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