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Easy-Plan Solar Panel Mounting with Ballast for Flat Roof. 10 Degrees Inclination Angle.

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Solar Panels

Low profile flat roof/ground solar panels mounting. 10 degrees inclination

When the height of the building is an issue, the aerodynamics and strong winds do not allow the installation of solar panels then our new low inclination system with ballast is the approved solution. 

We want to give the opportunity to all our customers even in the most difficult cases, to install solar panels and grow their own electricity.

The aluminum triangles may be configured as single rows all facing to one direction (south) or for roof with special orientation a back-to-back arrangement will optimize the performance of solar panels capturing the sun rays from dawn to dusk (south east, south west, etc) 


Stainless steel parts

Aluminum rails

Installation without drilling the roof

Eliminate the risk of water leaks or destroying the insulation of the roof

Simple ballast (concrete blocks or sacks of sand) is required to keep the panels in place.

The span of the longest rail is 2.3 meters. 

List of materials. 

Our system will calculate the bill of material based on the number of panels that are selected.

End Clamp Middle clamp
Front Leg Rear Leg
2300mm rail





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