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108 Half Cut Cells, 405W, Solar Panel Monocrystalline 21% Efficiency

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Eging is deploying n-type TOPCon technology that delivers 21% efficiency on the module level. Long term performance is assured with 25 year warranty. The right partner for off-grid, hybrid, grid tied and systems with energy storage

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Eging PV PERC 405W Monocrystalline. Half Cut 108 Cells.

EGing PV’s 410W solar module’s ingenious design creates a more durable, higher efficiency, and overall greater power production in comparison to many other solar modules/panels. The product has excellent performance properties in terms of the occlusion loss/temperature coefficient.

Half-cutting technology effectively reduces the hot spot risk of high-power components, resulting in better power generation, performance and reliability in system applications. The 182MM cell panels are half-cut, which means that they can absorb more sunlight and transfer more energy to the module in comparison to standard-cut modules. The 400W solar module boasts a module efficiency of 20.20% – which is greater than most regular solar panel modules.

What are the benefits of Half-Cell Panels from Eging Solar 

Mbb half cell design
Half-cut cells brings lower resisitance and increased Multi Busbar reflectance ensures higher power output.

More Power
Innovative 182mm big cell applied to ensure module power up to 405Wp

Excellent Low-light Performance
Advanced solar cell surface texturing technology allows for excellent performance in low-light environments

High Reliability
Strict in-house testing in PV Lab which is CNAS approved & TUV/VDE certified

Certified to withstand: 5400Pa snow load and 2400Pa wind load

PID Resistant
Excellent PID resistance performance optimized by unique structural design


One third-Cut technique leads to increased power output

When the cells are cut into thirds, the current becomes one third of what it was, which enables less internal loss. Series-parallel wiring improves power performance. The working temperature of module and junction box are lower than that of conventional types, which effectively reduces the hot spot risk .


Electrical Characteristics 405W  Half Cell Photovoltaic Module

Maximum Power (W)  EG405-M54-HLV      
Power Tolerance (%)  0 -3%      
Maximum Power Voltage (V) 34.40      
Maximum Power Current (A) 11.77      
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 41.40      
Short Circuit Current (A) 12.34      
Module Effciency (%) 21.06%      
Maximum System Voltage (V) 1500      
Maximum Reverse Current (A) 25      
Temperature                    Pmax %/°C -(0.35±0.05)
 Coefficient                           ISC %/°C 0.05±0.015
                                             VOC  %/°C -(0.275±0.1)
 Standard Test Condition: Irradiance 1000W/m², module temperature 25°C, AM1.5


Mechanical Characteristics

Number of Cells  pcs 108
Size of Cell mm 182x91
Size of Module mm 1754x1096x30
Weight kg 21.2
Connector MC4 compatible PV1-F 

 IP Rating: IP68

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Temperature Range (°C)  -40oC ~ +85oC
Surface Maximum Load Capacity (Pa)  5400
Allowable Hail Load 25mm ice-ball with velocity of 23m/s



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