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Adjustable Triangle Mounting Structure for Solar Panels - Flat surfaces

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A simple structure that is made of pure aluminum and stainless steel parts. The triangle's back pilar is adjusted to create different angle inclinations. Maximize the use of space and improve the performance of solar panels.

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Solar Panels

The adjustable triangles offer two major advantages to all solar photovoltaic systems when the panels are installed on flat surfaces.


Maximise the usable area and install more panels. 

Installing multiple rows of solar arrays they will cast shadown to each other if the space and angle are not calculated correctly. 

With adjustable triangles, the panels will be adjusted on site to avoid the shadowing effect and at the same time, the space will be used smartly to install even more panels. 


Optimise the performance of the panels at different season of the year

The earthing is moving and every season the distance and angle of sun rays varies. Based on your actual coordinations it is possible to change the angle of your panels 3-4 times every year to capture the sun at the right angle. This simple adjustable will yield an additional 20% of more energy. 

How to mount the triangles.

Foundation is not required to install the triangles on the ground. Solid concrete blocks are adequate to support the aluminium frames. Strong wall plugs and screws are required to secure the aluminium frames on the concrete blocs. 

Compatible size of solar panels.

The structure work for all panels from very small 200W to the largest 600W panels with height over 2.2meters. 

Technical Specifications

Inclination angle 10 to 35 degrees

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