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Flat Roof Mounting Kit for Solar Panels

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A mounting structure for any panel up to 1650x990x30mm, installation of solar panels on flat surface, use ballast (tiles, soil, grave) to keep them fixed and avoid drilling holes

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PV Mounting Structures

Renusol Console - PV mounting systems for use on flat roofs avoiding pentrations to the roof.

A simple and high quality, low cost, support structures for the installation of photovoltaic modules on flat roofs. Made from 100% recycled, chlorine free polyethylene the ConSole has a long life and requires no maintenance. Easy to install with built in cable ducts and cooling airways. They use gravel or concrete tiles as ballast to weigh them down so avoiding any fixing holes in the roof cladding. 15° tilt.

Notice: The product is electrical insulated, ground is not required for the console.


 Console installation manual and pictures 




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