Hybrid On-Grid Self Consumption

Photovoltaic (PV) Systems with Energy Storage for Self-Consumption

The operation of the Smart Energy Storage System is illustrated in a simple diagram. You are can reduce or even bring down to zero your electricity bills using the Hybrid Photovoltaic (PV) system with lithium and lead-acid batteries. Our VOLTASOL PV-Station is maintainance-free. 


Voltasol Hybrid Solar System with Energy Storage diagram

 Voltacon manufactures 4 systems for small, medium and large houses that contain solar panels, icombi inverters with chargers, energy storage enclosures and the pertinents protection devices. We added the remote-monitoring devices that allows the home owners to monitor their power-station remotely over the internet.

Energy Production from Photovltaics - Storage & Self Consuption

Our range is divided in two main categories based on the battery technology. Voltasol Hybrid Inverters are combined with Pylontech Lithium Batteries or Lead Acid Battery blocs. Voltacon is an official partner with the pioneers n energy storage.

Hybrid Energy Storage - Ready to Install Packages

5.5kWh Single Phase 4kW.  

6.4kWh Single Phase 4kW.  

8.0kWh Single Phase 5.5kW.  

11kWh Single Phase 5.5kW.

Grid  List 

Grid  List