Three-Phase Hybrid Inverters

VOLTASOL: On-Grid Inverter with Energy Storage - Three Phase 10kW

Off-Grid Operation for continuous supply to critical loads

Voltasol is a versatile and intelligent hybrid inverter that operates with solar power, AC utility, and battery power source for a continuous power supply. It’s a simple and smart solar inverter with energy storage system for home owners who want to store energy into a battery for night-time usage or use for self-consumption according to the deman. The Priority of the power source is programmable using the smart softwar (Watch POWER).  During night time or power failure, it will automatically consume reserved power from the battery. In this way, it will reduce dependence on the utility.

The description of an innovative cost-effective power solution in 3 simple steps:

Stage 1: Feed-in is not the only choice. In comparison with conventional grid-tied inverter,not only can VOLTASOL feed-in power to the grid but also store solar power to the battery for future usage and directly power to the loads.

Energy Storage Hybrid System for Self Consumption

Stage 2: Save money by discharging battery for self-consumption first VOLTASOL can save money by using battery energy first when PV energy is low. Until battery energy is low, InfiniSolar will consume AC power from the grid.

Infinisolar Hybrid Inverter with energy storage

Stage 3: Power backup when AC failed VOLTASOL can operate as an off-grid inverter to provide continuous power even without the grid.
It’s a perfect power solution for remote regions or temporary AC power source for camping or night market.

Grid  List 

Grid  List