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Sparky Domestic Electric Vehicle Charger 7kW 230V 32A - HN10132

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 Low-cost EV-Charger that just works!  7kW single phase without special grounding. It simply connects to the consumer unit of the house.

£490.00 Incl VAT.
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EV Chargers

HN10 Home EV Charger 7kW - Single Phase


WEEYU HN10-series Wall-box household economical AC EV charging station is designed for home users and suitable for the construction of smart home electrical facilities in the 21st century. It supports a maximum of 22KW fast charging specification and has a built-in intelligent platform, which can be remotely controlled and shared with relatives, friends, and family.


The surface of HN "home charging point" box is made of a plastic panel, and the body is equipped with a start & stop button. In terms of safety, PEN protection, ground protection, overcurrent protection, under-voltage protection, overvoltage protection, leakage protection, and other safety protection measures are supported.

It is designed for and compatible with all type 2 trams. The cable length is 5m/7.5m, conforms to IEC 62196-2 standard, and has passed CE, ROHS, REACH and TUV mark certification.

The gun head can also be switched to SAE and GBT standards, supporting four power specifications like single-phase 16A@220V -3.5KW, 32A@220V -7KW, three-phase 16A@380V -11KW, 32A@380V-22KW.

The charging pile supports wall-mounted and floor-mounted installation, and tethered (Case C) or untethered (Case B) versions. Car owners can install it in private parking lots, condos, courtyards, garages, apartments, factories and other locations.



● Simple and easy-to-use, convenient for the elderly to swipe card for charging.

● Cost-effective. You can take advantage of relatively cheap electricity from your residential grid compared to buying electricity through a third party.

● Easy to install and fast to transport. It is not equipped with any battery and does not need to remove the battery, which is safe and anti-theft. The quick-release mounting bracket and integrated cable management make setting up and daily charging easy. The Germany overseas warehouse supports fast shipping within European regions, electrifying your ride is easier and more practical than ever before

● Intelligent charging to protect electric vehicles. Automatic stop to extend the battery life of electric vehicles. 

● Realize Sustainable charging. Connect your residential charging station to solar panels or 100% renewable energy for emission-free driving. After installing an electric vehicle charging station in your residence, you can easily plug in and pull out the charging cable over 20000 times, reduce your overall carbon footprint, make yourself a role model in your community, and achieve the "double carbon" goal fast.

● It can be connected to the operator's OCPP protocol to assist in building an operation management system or directly use our own APP, so that you & the operator can truly feel the intelligence in terms of payment methods, charging methods, charging processes, background data statistics, etc.



  • Charging Method: Plug and Play, RFID Card
  • 4.3-inch LCD screen, 4-indicators
  • LAN (RJ-45)/Wi-Fi/APP
  • Dimensions(mm): 498 x 342 x 268
  • Material: Front-Panel: Tempered Glass; Back-cover: Metal Plate
  • IP 54 (outdoor)
  • Operating Temp.: -30 to 55℃
  • Altitude: ≤2000m
  • Weight: < 13kg
  • 5M Cable
  • Certificate: CE/RoSH/REACH
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