Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)

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Tigo TS4-A-O Advanced Optimization with Cloud Connection

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Tigo Energy Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) Kit with TAP monitoring device. The Tigo Energy Cloud Connect acts as a hub. It controls optimisation, provides safety features, and enables module-level monitoring via the Tigo cloud.


Tigo Access Point (TAP) & Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)

To add monitoring and safety, first you usually add the Optimiser cover or Retro-fit Optimiser to each panel.Then you install the CCA (Cloud Connect Advanced) and TAP.

The CCA is wired to the AC power and connects to the internet router via Wifi or direct connection with a data cable.

The TAP goes on the roof in the middle of the array and is wired to the CCA with a Cat5/RS-485 cable. This should be an outdoor Cat5/RS-485, which is UV resistant to prevent any weather damage. The TAP communicates wirelessly with each Optimiser and you setup the system using the Tigo mobile app.

 You will find in the package:

CCA Kit, TAP, Din Rail power supply for indoor use.

If the system is very big, is split over more than one roof (like east west system) or there are any physical barriers between the panels, you would need additional TAPs. When you use additional TAPs they are wired one to another using the Cat5/RS-485 cable. Most small residential systems use one TAP if all the panels are together on the roof.


Each TAP supports up to 300 Optimisers within 35 meters with no physical barriers.

Each CCA supports up to 7 TAPs with maximum 900 Optimisers per CCA.

If you have more than 900 Optimisers, you can just add more CCA.

Please see this Tigo Youtube video, which shows you how to install and commission the system. This video features the old Gateway, which is now replaced by the TAP but the installation process is exactly the same.


Download Section

  Installation manual with TAP & CCA

 Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) Quick Start Guide

Technical Specifications



Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Outdoor Rating  IP68, NEMA 3R


Dimensions 138.4mm x 139.7mm x 22.9mm
Weight 490g


Voltage Range 16 - 90V
Maximum Continuous Input Current (IMAX) 12A
Maximum Power 500W
Output Cable Length 1m (standard
Connectors MC4 compatible (standard)
Communication Type Wireless
Rapid Shutdown UL Listed (NEC 2014 & 2017 690.12) Yes

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