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Triple Silent Power Off-Grid Cabinet 15kW & 24kW. Wired and Assembled Plug 'n' Play

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Turnkey solution with pre-wired cabinets, AC & DC protection , monitoring, Wi-Fi, Cooling Fans, and option to add 1kW wind turbine controller. 

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Silent Power Cabinets

Triple Power - Complete Control Off-Grid Cabinet 15kW & 24kW

For the most demanding single and three phase power system, the triple power cabinet is a unique solution that is developed exclusively by Voltacon. The new Conversol Max 8kW is the driving force for the 888 units with 3 parallel converters pre-installed, wired and ready to be powered up without additional effort. 

The entry model is made with three 5kW V5 off-grid inverters that are paralleled to generate single and three phase 230V/400VAC. 

For the 24kW system , we use 3 Conversol 8kW Max in large single phase or a 400VAC three phase power system. When the order is placed our technical team will contact you to discuss the configuration of the ac input and ac output. 

What is new with the Triple Silent Power Cabinet ?

  • Customised solution with either 3x5kW or 3x8kW inverters
  • Faster and more reliable MPPT solar PV chargers
  • Up to 24kW Solar Panel input power
  • Built in Wi-Fi for remote control and monitoring
  • BMS ready with a range of lithium ion batteries. 
  • Easy diagnostics on site reading the RGB LED indicators. 
  • Lynx Power In DC distribution from Victron 
  • Smart Battery Monitor BMV 712 with bluetooth. 
  • Surge protection is fitted on the solar PV side
  • AC surge protection for AC input and AC output of each inverter.

If the wind turbine is added, a V5 wind charger will be installed in the cabinet that will contribute in the charging process of the battery bank. The controller has a integrated online monitoring software that registered data free of charge to our server. An internet connection is required. 

Dimensions of the cabinet: 

225cm x 116cm x 26cm

The testing proedure of a triple power cabinet with 3x 7.2kW inverters is available on our Youtube channel. 

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