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Lynx Distributor Victron DC distribution LYN060102000

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Lynx distribution system with 4 DC inputs and fused terminals, up to 4 distributors are linked together to form large battery banks, solar and wind energy systems

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Victron DC Distribution Systems

A modular DC busbar, with locations for four DC fuses. It will monitor the status of each fuse, and indicate its condition with a LED on the front. Part of the modular Lynx distribution system.


The Lynx Distributor contains a positive and a negative busbar. The positive busbar has four fuse protected connections with fuse
monitoring. The negative busbar has four connections and a ground connection. It is part of the Lynx Distribution system.

The Lynx Distributor has a power LED and four fuse status indication LEDs.

If connected to a Lynx Smart BMS, up to 4 Lynx Distributors can send fuse status information to the Lynx Smart BMS. This
feature is not available when connected to a Lynx Shunt VE.Can.

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